Saturday, March 03, 2007

Drawing a Head: Waterhouse meets the dreadlocks

Drawing Heads, Princes Drawing School, 1st March 2007
20" x 16"; pencil on Daler Rowney heavy cartridge paper
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I'm back to drawing both models (and bits of other people who are also drawing!), although I'm going to focus in future on making one of them much larger than the other.

These two were a terrific pair. Quite apart from being brilliant life models (no moving or twitching) they had stunning faces and it was difficult to choose which to feature. I've gone for the lady with what I think of as the quattrocento/pre-raphaelite face (very topical for this month's project subject). Isn't her face beautiful - I bet she's in huge demand as a life model. The fact that he had two very long dreadlocks going down his back from the rest of his hair which was in subdued mohican mode made for such a neat juxtaposition I just had to do both of them!

My tenosynovitis kicked in again and so this drawing was done in about 75 minutes before I had to stop drawing. This is all I got done in class, however I might complete the tones for the background wall and overhead beam before posting on my website.

For those of you who have not seen my drawing heads series from drawing class before you can see more in the Drawing Heads Gallery on my website. These were all done during my weekly "Drawing a Head" class at the Prince's Drawing School.

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