Thursday, March 22, 2007

Drawing Night - by the Thames

Have you ever tried drawing at night? I've done it a couple of times recently when down at Bankside next to the River Thames seeing exhibitions. There are some great views (and lights) and, of course, the shapes and values all change from the daytime. Here are some sketches and you can read more about the experience on my travel sketchbook blog here.

These 5-10 minute sketches are of:
1) the view of St Paul's Cathedral through the avenue of Silver Birches planted outside Tate Modern - great lighting effects and shadows.
2) St Paul's Cathedral from Bankside - looking even more imposing at night
3) the Millennium Bridge and the bridges beyond it looking west. This started off looking interesting and got even better as I sat there when a boat went past.........

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  1. these are great, I love painting at night.

  2. The lighting really makes these sketches Katherine. I have to say I haven't done much sketching at night. But when I drive home in the winter or after dark I pass by a bay - Torbay. On a cloudless night when the moon is out, it reflects so well on the water and lights up the landscape and I often wish I could draw it or paint it.

    You've inspired me to do so! Now when will it NOT be cloudy here???

  3. Wonderful Jeanette - I'm sure you'll do a great job! Now if you can help me out with the thermal underpants....(see the post on the sketchbook blog!)

  4. Coincidentally, I am planning a night drawing. Thanks for this extra good inspiration.

  5. I love the long pencil strokes you used. These night sketches look fabulous and glowy.



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