Monday, March 12, 2007

"Pastels and Pencils" - an art resources page

On my website I have a page called "Art Materials and Other Resources" which identifies all the art materials and art suppliers I use - pastels, coloured pencils, pen and ink, paper, sketchbooks - and the rest! I started to develop this page last year. Gradually I've added in all the different items - and associated images - and it's now one of the most popular pages on the site. I guess we're always interested, whether clients or fellow artists, in what materials people use for their work!

I realised just recently I'd never formally 'signposted' about its existence from this blog so this post is to remedy that omission. I've always been very grateful to the people who had websites which shared information as I developed my artwork and tried different things - and it's a pleasure to share the information I have - even if it did take a bit of time to sort it all out!

While some products I use will continue to find favour over time (e.g. I've been using the Daler Rowney black hard back drawing book with perforated pages for the last 15 years or so) others will change - for various reasons eg as my artwork develops, as I try a different material or as a new product is produced which I really like. Thus the page will always be kept updated - but it won't stray outside the range of products which I use or have tried - and I'll comment on anything new in this journal first. In future, besides new products, the main development will be to link to relevant blog posts in this journal. I think I have most of them identified under the category 'art supplies' (see right hand column)

The resources page also includes links to "Resources for Artists" - my squidoo lenses which provide a wide range of links from various websites covering information about different media

How about you:
  • Do you write about your art materials on your blog or website? (That's a cue Casey!)
  • Do you have a link to one place where people can find what you have to say? For example, do you use 'art supplies' as a label or category on your blog?
Links: Pastels and Pencils - Art Materials and Other Resources

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  1. I haven't discussed materials much, although I sometimes refer to Mfrs colors by number in case somebody else is looking for something similar.

    When I started with the pastels, I think I found every on-line tutorial available and bookmarked all of them. I put them all on a Squidoo lens for other newbies like me.

  2. Katherine,

    Your website, blog, and lenses are always so full of accurate, detailed information. Thank you for your generosity. You are a great help and inspiration.

  3. I wonder at the utility of Squidoo to me, but I see the value of at least a special label. Also the separate blog for art "parts" may be a move I make.
    I wonder if I am trying to be read by artists or by viewers.
    All just questions to explore. Thanks for the nudge, Katherine.
    My posts seem to be on the "expressive" side, and laced with trivia. Any detail is somewhat accidental, I will admit.
    My fast internet connection dish is being installed next week. I believe that the installation crew is bringing it by horse and cart...

  4. I see the need to link your making pastels list. I believe I have a few of my own bookmarked, but find the Paul de Marrais one to be the superior one. Thanks!

  5. I believe that International Artist might be kaput. Did it fold into American Art Collector?

  6. Thankyou I am a self taught artist
    and use a reader the enterbet allows mne to tead and learn without people lije you i would still be drawing on the wall of my cave in chicago


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