Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Topblogarea - code malfunction

Calangute Beach, Goa (1994)
pencils and coloured pencils
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Do you check your links once you've posted them in the right hand column? Yesterday I checked the "TopBlogArea" link on my other Sketchbook blog as I couldn't remember whether I'd got it listed in the Art Directory or the Travel Directory - only to find that the Directory generated by the icon seems to contain, on first look, a lot of Spanish language blogs and, on further investigation, a lot of adult content. I possess absolutely no knowledge of Spanish but even I can tell that it's also not the Arts Directory which is what is supposed to be listed. I think it's 'supposed' to be about technology. The adult content I'm much less happy with - and I'm certainly NOT in the business of spreading access to that sort of thing.

I wrote yesterday but did not get a helpful response. "The code works just fine, it just doesn’t point to the correct category. " I wonder why sending visitors to the wrong directory is thought to be 'fine'? Somebody is missing the point - Directories are used by people to find and browse other blogs similar to our own! Also that our blogs aren't a way of providing easy access to the less 'nice' aspects of the Internet.

TopBlogArea is one of the very few Directories which actually has a goodly content of arts and crafts blogs in the Art Directory. It also seems to operate a block on all adult content in the Arts Directory and doesn't seem to be swamped either by the blogs of those catering for teenage shopping fantasies - which is what I prefer. I do wish there were more like that. To find that my other blog is now sending people to a Directory with lots of adult content is very definitely not "fine" by me.

So - what to do with my malfunctioning bit of code? Since it's apparently not a quick sort maybe the best solution is for the icon to go the bottom of the column until the problem is fixed - and then send yet another e-mail! Or maybe change categories to the travel section and see if that comes up correctly. Current thinking is just to leave the blog registered with them but to delete it altogether off the blog until they've got their code sorted so it actually does work "fine".........

Any suggestions of Directories which you've come across which have lots of art blogs and don't have adult content are most welcome.

Note: The Sketch at the top was one of my very first sketches using my new set of Lyra Rembrandt coloured pencil back in 1994! I liked the design of the shadows from the palmleaf sunshades.

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Anonymous said...

I just checked the one on my blog, which certainly used to work OK, and discovered the same problem. Very annoying.

Casey Klahn said...

Whoa! Same thing happened to me, yesterday. I added a "blogs that link..." type of device, which looked half good at first. Next day, random sites, including naughty ones.
I deleted the device, but now i have already forgotten the name of the particular device.
Either the tools don't function right, or we are getting hacked.

Anonymous said...

I went back to my topblogarea account and re-obtained the html code. This seems to have solved the problem.

Making A Mark said...

4 e-mails later I did the same thing and fixed it late last night. Thanks for psoting dave I'd have forgotten to do so otherwise!

It's possible the blog post and your comments helped in getting the problem fixed!

Making A Mark said...

BTW it occurred to me after Casey's post that if any of us use blog directories that include 'naughty' sites (for whatever reason) then we are in effect helping those sites get round the parental controls and other protections that people use to avoid the huge amount of explict material on the internet.

I'm taking a stand on this by writing to Directory providers to say I'm unimpressed by Directories that include any links which openly suggest they are explicit - and boycotting those that do.

I also don't mind helping Directories by reporting inappropriate sites that subscribe to their Directories - but I do expect them to provide sufficient resources and expertise to keep Directories 'clean'.

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