Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Symonds Yat and Art for Youth North 2007

Symonds Yat - blue, green and gold
12" x 18", Coloured Pencil
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
This is a new piece of the view of the River Wye and its valley from Symonds Yat Rock in Gloucestershire in the west of England. This view is a particular favourite of mine. I've drawn it once before and the work just flowed! This time I loved drawing it and loved the end result all over again - I guess some views just make my artistic 'juices' flow. My previous piece is very firmly attached to my sitting room wall and is very definitely not for sale whereas this piece is for sale next month (see below)! Click on the picture for a larger image.

This view of the woods alongside the River Wye from Symonds Yat is both extremely popular and internationally famous. However, as anyone who has visited the Rock will know, there's not a lot of space and there are usually throngs of people there - all keen to soak up the view and to see if they can spot the Peregrine Falcons which have a RSPB protected nest site there and enjoy flying on the thermals associated with the place. Bottom line - it's not an ideal venue for either drawing or painting. As a result this work has been developed from a photo - you may also have noticed the slight clue that it's a very hot day in the piece and this is March! We saw falcons while we were there but didn't get any in shot as they're so fast. I'm wondering whether I should add some in even at this late stage but am reluctant to do so without a really good reference.

Now for the explanation behind the second half of the title. I've been invited to submit work for the Art for UK Youth North 2007 Exhibition at Topcliffe in Yorkshire in April and this is one of the pieces I'm submitting. I'm very pleased to support UK Youth and here's a brief introduction to who they are and what they do from their website.
UK Youth is the leading national youth work charity supporting over 750,000 young people, helping them to raise their aspirations, realise their potential and have their achievements recognised via non-formal, accredited education programmes and activities.
Art for Youth is the main fundraising event of the Friends of UK Youth. and there are two events - one in London and one in Yorkshire for artists from the north (I may have lived in London for a long time but my roots are in the north!). The events aim to (1) raise money for UK Youth and (2) enable young unknown artists to show their work alongside more established artists.

The Art for Youth North 2007 Exhibition runs between 17th - 19th April (see the website for more details) and will be opened by Nigel Mansell, the ex world champion racing driver and current President of UK Youth.

The exhibition organiser and I are trying to work out a way in which the work that I'm submitting can also be 'auctioned' on the internet - with the reserve value being the price in the exhibition catalogue and the end of the auction being the end of the exhibition. For example, "Symonds Yat - blue, green and gold" will be available, via Art for UK Youth North, framed for £450 plus shipping. 'Watch this space' - as they say.........



Casey Klahn said...

Good on you, Katherine, for youth support.
And, another landscape that I wish I had drawn.

Jana Bouc said...

I've never seen colored pencil work look as painterly as yours. Lovely lush scene. That's nice that your good work will provide sustenance to a good organization.

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