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POLL: How do you list your exhibitions on a CV or website?

Part of the Exhibitions Page on my Portfolio website - Pastels and Pencils
This morning I discovered that I'd completely forgotten to update the Exhibitions page on my website since last year - and I hate out of date websites!

So I had to find a way of bringing it up to date and make it look interesting despite the fact I have no planned exhibitions at the moment because, prior to my recent surgery, I was finding it too difficult to produce.

I'm not very fond of long boring lists of exhibitions  and always try to introduce a few images - hence the above solution for part of my new Exhibitions web-page while I get round to contemplating what I might now be able to do in the rest of this year.

Revising the page got me thinking about the different options for listing exhibitions on your website and in your CV / Resume.

Which is why this month's Making a Mark Poll is all about exhibition listings!

It's a very basic topic - however there are a few options for how best to list exhibitions given that they tend to vary between:

  • type: solo or group 
  • type: art society or art gallery or charity or collaborative project  etc
  • date: recent or first exhibited
  • venue

POLL: How do you list your exhibitions on CV or website?

This month's Making A Mark Poll asks How do you list your exhibitions on CV or website?

The poll provides for multiple responses and the options are:
  • always most recent exhibition first
  • always oldest exhibition first 
  • always include title of exhibition
  • always include year of exhibition
  • every solo exhibition - date order
  • every solo exhibition - group by type / venue / date 
  • all group exhibitions - date order
  • all group exhibitions - group by type / venue / date
  • all solo & major group exhibitions only 
  • select list of both solo and group exhibitions
I'd also be interested to hear the reasons why people choose the options they use.  I know I have changed how I list mine over time - mostly with a view to making the differences between the different exhibitions more explicit and to reflect which have grown or diminished in their importance to me.

You can find the poll in the right hand column.  It finishes vert early on 30th June and the results will be reported soon after that.

Note re Making A Mark Poll in May

Last month's poll went awry.  The poll started losing votes for no apparent reason and my experience of Blogger polls is that they often don't correct quickly when the software gets out of whack.  So I pulled the poll and will try it again at a later date.

This month I'm using Polldaddy software which I normally only use for the Making A Mark Awards - however I'm using it in the side column - so we'll see what happens!

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  1. I miss the option 'NONE' cause I don't believe listing your exhibition on you CV does anything to YOUR work, only to you as an artist. In other words you poll isn't totally correct. ;-)


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