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BP Portrait Award 2013 - Selected Artists and Statistics

1,969 artists from 77 different countries entered the BP Portrait Award 2013.  Of these
  • 1,223 entries came from the UK and 
  • 746 entries came from other countries (13 in total)
55 portrait artists (2.8% of the entry) had their paintings selected and hung in the BP Portrait Prize Exhibition 2013 .  This post highlights those artists and their portraits.

Selected artists 

Below you can find the names of the Selected Artists.  They're listed alphabetically by country - with UK countries first and then alphabetically by other countries.  The title of the work, size and media used are also listed.

These artists will have their portrait paintings seen by some 250,000 people this summer.

There are links in the names to the artist's websites (where websites could be found easily).  Some also have links to the portrait on their website.  The country is the country of residence rather than the country of origin.

Aspiring artists should:
  • check out the website portfolios of selected artists and 
  • note the standard of the websites - and note how many artists now have one!  Some had both websites and blog.


Conversations by David Caldwell
'100 Portraits" is a series of intimate portraits of friends, family and interested others.
Each portrait measures 17x12cm and are oil on board
I spent some time seeing who I could recognise in this picture
having spotted James Lloyd in this painting
James is an ex tutor of mine
as well as a previous BP Portrait Award winner .
  • Freddy Clark (b.1989)  Josh 415 x 340 oil board 
  • Saied Dai (b.1958) In Memory 660 x 510 Oil Linen on Panel
  • BP PORTRAIT AWARD: SECOND PRIZE 2013John Devane (b.1954) The Uncertain Time 1720 x 2490 oil canvas 
John Devane, Winner of the 2nd Prize
The Uncertain Time

1720 x 2490 oil canvas
This photo is to give you a sense of the scale. Look carefully at the dimensions of the listed paintings!
Hynec Martinec in front of
Zuzana in London 1300 x 1090 Acrylic Canvas
At the press view artists sometimes get asked
to do some odd things by photographers....
Chomsky by Raoul Martinez
This is a portrait of Noam Chomsky
a very famous American Professor 
who is a American linguist, 
philosopher, cognitive scientist, logician, 
historian, political critic, 
and activist.
Agnes Toth with her painting of magician Drummond Money-Coutts
Agnes is a fan of Making A Mark!  I love the colour co-ordinated outfit.
Rodney and Doreen Turvey (with Clara)
- Now who would have expected a rabbit!
There again Simon is a wildlife artist
and a member of the SWLA!
My aim was to emphasise his strong personality and mesmerising character. I tripled the portrait and put it in a neutral space.  The dynamics of the picture are provided by the motion of the hands as they play with the cards.
  • Simon Turvey (b.1957) Rodney and Doreen Turvey (with Clara) 620 x 515 Oil Board 



  • Zahra Akbari Baseri (b. 1988)  Power of a moment  505 x 410 Acrylic Canvas 
  • Ewan McClure Self-portrait (b. 1975)  x 410 Oil Wooden board 


Owen Normand
with Das Berliner Zimmer 

I tend to take photos of artists
while the chaps with the big lenses
are still setting up - and
that way I get a nice natural smile!




  • BP YOUNG ARTIST AWARD 2013 - Owen Normand (b.1984) Das Berliner Zimmer (The Berlin room) 370 x 280 oil Wooden board 


 Self Portrait as a Cyclist by Comhghall Casey
I really liked this one


  • David Nipo (b.1964)  Portrait of Ronald Fuhrer 1040 x 820 oil Linen mounted on board 





  • Lionel Smit Kholiswa (b.1982) 2300 x 1640 Oil Canvas Also chosen to promote the BP Portrait award in marketing materials and advertisements


  • Daniel Gonzalez Coves (b.1985) Net no.10 1020 x 1020 Oil Cardboard 
  • Gonzalo Goytisolo (b.1966) Teresita in a coat 720 x 620 oil canvas 

USA (5)

In order of magnitude these are the countries which generated entries: England (31), USA (5), Ireland (3), Northern Ireland (2), Scotland (2), Italy (2), Spain (2), Belgium (1), Canada (1), France (1), Germany (1) Israel (1), Netherlands (1), Slovakia (1) and South Africa (1), 

Entrance to the National Portrait Gallery.
You can't miss the Exhibition Banners
or Jamie Routley's self portrait!

Visitors Choice

Visitors to the Exhibition can vote for the painting they like the best - on the digital screens outside the exhibition entrance.

The most popular painting will be awarded the accolade of being the Visitors Choice.

The three most popular portraits will be available on the website from 9 September 2013.


The BP Portrait Award Exhibition is at the National Portrait Gallery until 15 September before going on its travels around the UK.  It's open between 10am and 6pm every day and is open until 9pm on Thursday and Friday.
The winners and selected entries will subsequently tour to:
Note: The Portrait Award is now in its 34th year at the National Portrait Gallery and 24th year of sponsorship by BP. In 2012, the exhibition was seen by 255,982 visitors.

BP Portrait Award 2013 on Making A Mark

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