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17th June - Who's made a mark this week?

This last week I've been in exhibition overload - and there's a lot more to come this week!

Display in the Final Room of "Crisis of Brilliance", Dulwich Picture Gallery
Includes two large paintings by Stanley Spencer

(left) Christ Carrying the Cross (1920)
(right) Unveiling Cookham War Memorial (1922)
I've reviewed the 114th Annual Exhibition of the Pastel Society, visited the new exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery (Nash, Nevinson, Spencer, Gertler, Carrington, Bomberg: A Crisis of Brilliance, 1908-1922) and highlighted the Call for Entries for the Annual Exhibition of the New
English Art Club. Plus I also saw the choices made by the Art Critics Circle at a small exhibition at the Mall Galleries and viewed Alastair Sooke as he and an art dealer got to grips with the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

This post will highlight images from exhibitions I've yet to write about and ones which might not get a full review from me.

I've also been dealing with problems relating to the first eye which was operated on. There's obviously something not quite right as the eye is not opening easily in the morning and also wants to close rather early towards the end of the day and feels a bit weird inbetween times. The consultant's letter to my GP came through and apparently I might have an issue with drainage in a nasal passage! But it's another reason why looking at screens still tends to be a bit spaced out and I'm still not back to normal blogging.

Artists and Art Blogs


Drawing and Sketching

  • Drawn - the most popular drawing blog on the Internet closed its doors to new blog posts in May.  You can John Martz's explanation for why he's shut up shop - read more about Drawn's closing - or visit the blog which has been left up - complete with archives.  Read Charley Parker's obituary here Drawn 2005-2013 (I've just realised "Drawn" started about  9 months before Making A Mark!)
  • There's a new website called The Drawing Forum  created by JD Hillberry and Mike Sibley which includes (surprise surprise) a Drawing Forum.  Doubtless it will be much appreciated by those who like pencil drawing and drawing animals and wildlife.
  • I've started to post a long overdue (15 years!) sketches of a painting holiday in Bali.  So, naturally(!), I started at the end with Ary's Warung in Ubud, Bali


Plein Air

My Moleskine, pencil case and backpack, a very hard ledge to sit on
and a few waves at Pemaquid Point, Maine!
  • James Gurney (Gurney Journey) features in Plein Air Magazine's July issue plus he's posted a video on YouTube of his sketch of the painters at the recent Plein Air Convention in Monterey.  If you attended see if you can spot yourself at the beginning!

Who painted this?

  • Who painted this? #31? has an example of a large painting which contains lots of people.  Whatever happened to this type of painting?  Which contemporary artists do you know who paint large groups or lots of people in their paintings?
  • Who painted this? #30 was revealed to be a painting of summer by John Cotman.  Barbara Jackson (Painting with Pencil) was the first person to get a completely correct answer

Art Business & Marketing 

Art Societies

  • I know people think art societies are about the promoption of art - but they forget most originally formed with the idea of actually exhibiting and selling their paintings.  Something a number of societies (not all!) have managed to forget over the years.  It therefore came as no surprise to me to come acrpss Alyson Stanfield's post on her Art Biz Blog recommending 10 Reasons to Burn Your Art Group Membership Card.  The comments are worth reading too.  
  • Her related post - concerning the need to beware of art societies which are not interested in marketing is Beware of Poisonous Relationships
  • That's not to say you can't have great organisations which function efficiently and effectively and are genuinely reflective of their members and ALL their interests (that's including the one where they get paid!)



Art Economy & Art Collectors

Art Collectors

Nearly a third of those aged between 18 and 34 have bought paintings, sculptures or photographs worth under £4,000 apiece in the last twelve months.

Art Exhibitions

Art Competitions

Art Societies

Pastel Society - 114th Annual Exhibition - Private View

Winner of the Daler Rowney prize - Autumn surf by Astrid Volquardsen

Art Exhibitions in London

RA Summer Exhibition 2013

  • I recommend a visit to the Nash, Nevinson, Spencer, Gertler, carrington, Bomberg: A Crisis of Brilliance 1908-1922 which opened at the Dulwich Picture Gallery last week and I'll be writing up my review very soon.  (Blame the eyes for not having done it already).  Here's my photo of David Boyd Hancock, the author of the book and the man behind the exhibition.  If you're a fan of British painting it's definitely an exhibition worth seeing - portraying as it does the developments in British painting around the time of the First World War - and some of the work produced by some of the artists who worked as war artists.  This is a link to the Guardian review of his book which sets the scene for the exhibition.  I'm a huge fan of Stanley Spencer and it was a real joy for me to see some of his paintings and drawings - not least his self-portrait in red conte which can be seen over the should of David Boyd Hancock.
David Boyd Hancock, author of Crisis of Brilliance with the exhibition about the artists
As the YBAs' champion notches up another decade, we asked two leading critics whether he has been good for artists and audiences
RA Summer Exhibition Preview 
the chap with the satchel on the left is David Lee,
the Editor of Jackdaw and one of the judges on Show me the Monet.
I wanted to ask him what he thought of the exhibition! 

Art Exhibitions in the UK

  • Unseen Lowry is an exhibition of 100 works at The Lowry Gallery in Salford - most of which have never been seen by the public before.  It opens on 22 June and continues until 29 September.
Privately owned, these paintings and drawings were in the Lowry’s home at the time of his death in 1976 and include some of his earliest sketches as well as paintings completed in the early 1970s
a glimpse of the Museum's extensive collection of botanical art including watercolours, pen sketches and drawings, dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries.  

Art Exhibitions in the USA

Art Bloggers

  • I've previously mentioned Victoria Evans (Victoria Evans Artist) on this blog (re Day 1 - 28 Days of Being a Painter) and she's recently written to me to tell me she has her first major solo show opening on June 21 2013. The exhibition continues until 19 July at 1873 Hall, The Briggait, 141 Bridgegate, Glasgow, G1 5HZ
Standing Stones is an ambitious installation of new large scale oil paintings, arranged in the manner of stelae, or standing stones, in The Briggait's stunning 1873 Hall.
If you have a solo exhibition coming up or a group exhibition AND you are an art blogger(this last bit is very important) do let me know when you're having your show and I'll mention it in this weekly post. See How to highlight your exhibition - for artist bloggers ONLY for information about what you need to do. Please note, as stated, this is an art blogger ONLY deal! If you don't have an art blog please do NOT send me your press release!

Art History

Art Exhibitions - Call for Entries

Art Competitions

Art Societies

Art Supplies

I've done a pricing review - immediately following a rather large debit to my bit of plastic - see
Luminance 6901 Coloured Pencils - comparative prices for open stock but most of all admire the colours!

I do love choosing new colours!
Luminance 6901 Coloured Pencils
(6901 means they're accredited to an industry standard as lightfast)


Two posts about Facebook
I have long held suspicions that the Like button on Facebook is not your friend.

and finally......

I know there's a lot of Harry Potter fans out there.  You might like to review Graphic art inspired by Harry Potter - courtesy of The Telegraph.


  1. Wow...what a comprehensive and fantastic blog. I read when I have time and so glad I did today.


  2. Oh boy I need to get caught up.
    Been so busy I have not been able to read everything I follow (blogs) or search for the last couple of 'Who painted this?'

    There is a lot of good reads here.
    Haven't yet finished it but I like the Crayola post, yes it is fascinating.
    The NWS show here in San Pedro was, still is, very good as usual. This is a tough one to get into. They have to pare entries from over 400 down to between 80-90.
    I did not get juried into this one but still enjoyed the opening.


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