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1 July 2013 - Who's made a mark this week?

12 Most Striking Tendencies of Creative People by Kim Phillips is a very interesting brief summary of what makes people creative. I can think of at least one more striking tendency - the ability to work on your own.

How about you?

The Vanity of Small Differences - a book by Grayson Perry
Hayward Publishing
One of the most creative artists I know whose work I much admire has got a new book out - and I've been sent a review copy - see above.

So tomorrow I should get my post surgery revised prescription and new reading glasses and I can get back to reading books as opposed to giant text on screen!

Artists and Art Blogs 

Art Societies

Artists' Books

Drawing and Sketching


Four people in the art world received four 'heavyweight' honours in the Queen's Birthday Honours list. The honours they received come after their name. They included
Anish Kapoor is regarded as one of the most influential and pioneering sculptors ofhis generation. He is famous for his monumental public sculptures and for hisenigmatic sculptural forms, which have been exhibited all over the world. He becamethe first living British artist to take over the Royal Academy in 2009. A Turner Prizewinner, he has twice won the Premio Duemilia at the Venice Biennale and has sincereceived many other international honours.
  • Thomas Heatherwick CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) - Founder, Heatherwick Studio. For services to the Design Industry  (This is the chap who designed the Olympic Cauldron)
  • Grayson Perry  CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) - Ceramic Artist. For services to Contemporary Art.  I just wish he'd get his own website - I just know it would be strikingly different to anybody elses!


  • Andrew Wyeth's top 20 American painters in watercolor. It's an interesting selection and I confess I haven't heard of one or two.  
  • I very much recommend this video documentary of Carl Randall. It shows him:
    • collecting material for his portraits of people in contemporary contexts within Japan (see my post about his Travel Award exhibition
    • painting portraits from life in his studio in Tokyo
    • painting elderly survivors of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima
  • I'm going to highlight some of the websites of artists whose work made me stop and stare when I was finding their website links for the BP Post about selected artists
    • Here's the first - a man with a wonderful name who will interest all those who like realism.   Comhghall Casey is a Dublin based artist.
    • Greg Kapka created one of those - "I need to look at this again" portraits with Heterochrome 
    • Agnes Toth's website is frustrating, fascinating and illuminating
  • Calling all watercolour painters.... Are you a tubes or a pans person. Or both? Try my poll

Pastels and Pencils

  • I've started experimenting with the new colours I bought in my haul of Luminance coloured pencils and Girtin in coloured pencils was the result
After Girtin - The White House at Chelsea
Caran d'Ache Luminance coloured pencils on Arches Hot Press

Who painted this?

  • First we had Who painted this? #32? Congratulations to Bernadette Madden in Dublin who was the first person to guess that this is a self-portrait by Artemesia Gentileschi. Speed of response seems to have been entirely dictated by whether or not people knew that she was playing a lute in the painting.
  • then we had Who painted this? #33.  I'm finding more and more I'm tempted to go with an image which echoes whatever it is I've been writing about.  Which is how come this week I noticed how few painters put people in their urban landscapes!

Art Business & Marketing

Amazon Art Gallery

  • Yes - you read that right! Amazon is planning to open a virtual art gallery to sell art online.  The venture is targeted at the smaller galleries and apparently 109 have agreed to go online.  Some dealers are indicating they may well operate under a pseudonym until the venture becomes successful.  Amazon is not commenting as yet.  However note that, unlike books and authors, there's no sense at present that individual artists could represent themselves online at Amazon.

Art Business

Art Fairs

Galleries are increasingly splitting their sales and curatorial teams. Some, however, are sceptical 


Marketing and Communication

Art Competitions

Lots about portraiture this week

Art Education

  • I'm starting with a couple where announcements are a little lacking and I personally would want to know more before signing up and parting with cash
    • ArtPlantaeToday announces a coloured pencil workshop with Ann Swan at the Los Angeles Arboretum at the end of September.  Which is odd because it doesn't appear on either Ann's website or that that associated with the Arboretum.  I suggest checking with Ann first before handing over any money!
    • I've got a lot of time for Paul - but I think maybe his new Art Practice Community website called Creative Triggers will get a better response if he identifies himself better (ie surname!) and shows us his artwork.  People need to trust you to complete a subscription form with their personal details and agree to pay a monthly subscription.
  • Ester Roi provides us with a lesson - How to Mount Paper on Board

Art Exhibitions

Major Art Galleries and Museums in London

Other galleries in the UK

Major art galleries and museums in the USA

Art Equipment and Supplies


  • The end of Google Reader is today - or so we were led to understand - it's still working as I write.  While it's still up and running you can export your subscriptions from Google Reader which dies tonight. You have to export via Google Takeout which gives you a zip file of your Reader subscriptions

and finally......

Life as an art-going dachshund can be a bit hectic and very tiring - see Too much art for little me on The Adventures of Miss Marple.


  1. I'm with you on the comments about Grayson Perry and can't wait to go and see the exhibition in Sunderland over the next few weeks.

    On another note i'm having an op next week and will not be able to be up to my usual gallivanting around, so i've set myself a challenge to create 30 30by30cm art works over the summer. the challenge being to ask other people to give me subject matter and suggested medium. If any of your readers would like to help me out i'd be very grateful. You can find me on google plus or at ragbagsandgladrags blog. Thanks

  2. Hi Katherine,
    Hope your vision corrective issues are moving forward positively.

    On the 12 Most Striking Tendencies of Creative People I would add, although similar to your 'ability to work on your own', the NEED for a certain amount of alone time!

    Not all personalities need this. In fact some don't like it.
    All the creatives I have ever known need time to think.
    I know for me that is where much of my (art) work actually begins. And that is not always in the studio at the easel time either.

    Wyeth's list of 20 Great American Watercolorists is fascinating, I knew all but one, Millard Thon, and most are favorites of mine with a couple of California Watercolorist's.

    Keep up the good work


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