Friday, May 31, 2013

Who painted this? #29

I think the artist who painted this had a really enjoyable time!  It's very 'painterly'.

Who painted this? #29
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Who Painted This #28 - The Answer

Still Life with Red Peppers on a White Lacquered Table
oil (1915)
Felix Vallaton

It seems as if Vallotton didn't start painting still life until towards the end of his life - this one was painted 10 years before he died.

In my opinion he's a superb still life painter. Here's some links to more images of his still life paintings on Wikipaintings

Who guessed correct?

Comments which include the correct suggestions of the artist behind this painting have now been published. Congrats to "Colours and Textures " who progressed through Google search until she found it!

Others who got it right included:
Thanks to all the regular "Who painted this?" followers for all the good wishes in relation to my eye surgery.  

As of yesterday I now officially have better than average eyesight in relation to distance vision which is lovely and my pressures are now fine.  Unfortunately I now have really awful vision for reading and it's not too good for computers - and my previous prescription glasses are now useless.  However this will be fixed when I can finally get signed off at the end of June and can then go and get assessed for new glasses.  Fortunately I found that my original driving glasses c. 1996 are just about OK for computers so long as I don't stay on too long!  I KNEW there was a good reason to hang on to old glasses!