Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bulldog Bursary 2013: Shortlisted artists

Would you like to train as a portrait painter?
...asks the Royal Society of Portrait Painterswebpage about their Bulldog Bursary.
This bursary aims to develop the talent of an artist at an early stage in their career.
The bursary is worth £5,000, plus an extra donation of £2,500 from the de Laszlo Foundation. The aim is to provide an opportunity for an artist, regardless of location, to be mentored by Members of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. Other benefits include access to facilities at the Heatherley School of Fine Art .

Bulldog Bursary 2012 - 13

Last year's winner of the Bulldog Bursary was my friend Olha Pryymak.  She writes on her blog about the process of winning the award - see Bulldog Bursary report – How did you get it?

She's also done a number of interviews with artist members of the RP - including a number of the women artist members - and written these up on her journal. See:
Paintings at the Annual Exhibition of the
Royal Society of Portrait Painters
Top - Reflection by Flora Watson (Self portrait)
oil 90cm x 90cm
Bottom - Love Story #8 - Character Study
by Olha Pryymak - Bulldog Bursary recipient 2012-13
oil 90 x 70cm

Bulldog Bursary 2013 - 14

Yesterday the RP blog announced the artists shortlisted for the Bulldog Bursary for 2013.  They have been invited to bring their portfolios and supporting statement of how they would use the bursary as shortlisted artists for 2013 to an interview. The artists are listed below:
  • Flora Watson Flora did a Diploma in Portraiture at The Heatherley School of Fine Art 2010-2012.  See her self portrait that was selected for the Annual Exhibition of the RP above.
  • Naomi Grant In March 2012, Naomi won the Lynn Painter Stainer Young Artist Award of £2,500 for a Self Portrait
  • Lewis McKenzie His blog is lady d' abernon's hand - Sketches & Drawings by Lewis MacKenzie
  • Hero Johnson As well as being a figurative artist, Hero is also the PR and Marketing Manager at The Heatherley School of Fine Art
  • Sarah Jane Moon - Sarah Jane comes from New Zealand and is a painter and printmaker who specialises in portraiture.
The award will be announced later in the year.

You can see the portraits submitted by the candidates/shortlisted artists in a blog post.

Back in 2008, I wrote a review of the purpose of the bursary and the winners that year - see The Bulldog Bursary - an apprenticeship in portraiture.

PS The Royal Society of Portrait Painters now has a Twitter account

  • Royal Society of Portrait Painters (RP) -
  • The RP on Twitter - @RP_portraits
  • The RP on Facebook -
  • Bulldog Bursary -


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