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CPSA 20th International Exhibition 2012 - Selected artists

This is the list of artists selected for the 20th Annual International Exhibition of the Coloured Pencil Society of America (CPSA).  I've reorganised it on a geographical basis into the states plus countries outside the USA.

The artwork for this year's exhibition has been selected by Jamie Markle, the Publisher and Editorial Director Fine Art Community, F+W Media, Inc.

The exhibition is being held as part of the Annual CPSA Convebtion at The Carnegie, Visual and Performing Arts Center in Covington Kentucky July 13–August 30, 2012

The artwork will be eligible for a series of impressive prizes offered by CPSA sponsors.

I've added in links into the list to:
  • the website of the artist where this is available - the link is in the name of the artist
  • the artwork selected for the exhibition where this was easy to find and named
  • the name of the artist's blog which features in brackets after the title of the artwork 
Right click the link in their name and open in a new tab to visit their website without leaving this site.

If you spot any errors and/or want to volunteer a link to a selected artwork (or an image of it) please leave a comment or email me - see the right hand column for how to contact me.  I'm also happy to publish a small number of additional images of selected work in this post - just send me the file.


  • Julia Webber Olivia 
  • Dorothy DePaulo Blue Jay with Crabapples 
  • Sandra Hunter Field Notes 
  • Jeff Long Midnight Oval 
  • Carole Bardes Generations: Kathmandu, Nepal 
  • Anda Chance Big Wheel 
  • Cira Cosentino Packard, Red and Black 
  • Melissa Miller Nece, CPSA One Sweet Ride 
  • Suzanne Marcil Wholesome
  • Mari K Moehl, CPSA Moonlit 
  • Bill Shoemaker, CPSA Yellow-Crowned Night Heron
  • Joan Gelblat, CPSA I Have an Idea... 
  • Nancy Guerine Pumpkin...Topside, Inside, & Outside (Triptych) 
  • Kim Hamby Spring Kaleidoscope 
  • Joseph Crone Off the Beaten Path 
  • Kristy Kutch, CPSA Iris Flurry 
  • Elaine Hess Wonder Wheel 
  • Mary Geissenhainer, CPSA High School Reunion MD
  • Deborah Maklowski, CPSA Blackbird MD
  • Erwin Lewandowski Crevice Stream I 
  • Paul Van Heest, CPSA Shell Games 
  • Dean Rogers, CPSA I Turn the World to Ice 
  • Lynda Schumacher, CPSA Dust and Thunder 
  • Dianna Soisson The Path Less Traveled 
New Hampshire
Culinary Color Wheel by Nicole Caulfield
coloured pencils
© Nicole Caulfield

New Jersey
  • Paula Madawick, CPSA Sassy Cat 
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
  • Karen Coleman, CPSA Caught! (Callinectes sapidus, Atlantic Blue Crab) 
  • Constance Grace, CPSA The Man from Wellington 
  • Blair Jackson Psychedelic Clay 1 
  • Sherry Smith Cosmic Apples 
  • Suzanne Vigil Repose 
  • Alexandra Bastien Symphoria Coloris 
  • Adolfo Fernandez Bourree in E Mineur
Congratulations to all the artists who have had work selected.

I missed some names I've been used to seeing on a regular basis in the past and wondered why that might be.  The most obvious explanation is that all jurors are different and have their own individual preferences.

It was very interesting taking a look at so many websites while compiling this post.  Some had changed a lot since I first started looking at them!

I also noted that there are more people with art blogs as well.  Some artists have switched away from the more old fashioned type of websites they had been using and are now using the additional functionality within blogging webware (eg Blogger, Wordpress) to create a de facto website - with a blog front page.  It's a great option - and I wish more artists who like to share their art would do this, especially since it has no cost to the artist.

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Making A Mark - Coloured Pencils:

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