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Call for Entries: Royal Society of Marine Artists - Annual Exhibition 2012

The Call for Entries has gone out for submissions to the 2012 Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of Marine Artists.
The Society's common theme is the sea, and whilst most RSMA Members work covers a variety of subjects, paintings submitted for the Society's exhibitions must be related to tidal waters in some way.
You can see the type of work which wins prizes and gets accepted for exhibition in my reviews of previous exhibitions (blog posts listed at the end of this post).  This post also contains images from last year's exhibition.

Two yellow boats at Mousehole by Ivan Lapper RSMA
Royal Society of Marine Artists - 2011 Exhibition
Submission Process

The submission process has changed since last year - and below is a summary of what's required for this year below
What type of work is eligible?

There is a wide scope for media and size.  However, as you might expect the range of subject matter is rather more limited and attuned to the title of the society.  Note - these are not paintings about water.  They are specifically about the sea and tidal waters and/or boats and/or buildings and/or people connected to the sea.

Subject matter
Exhibits must be essentially marine in character. The main interest must be the sea or tidal waters or some object essentially connected with these themes. Portraits must be of persons connected with the sea.
Acceptable media
Painting: Oil, acrylic, watercolour
Dry Media: drawings and pastels
Printmaking: original prints of any media
Sculpture must be from a limited edition not exceeding twelve, signed or initialled, and, if more than one piece, the edition number and availability indicated on each piece.


The size on the Mall Galleries Registration Form refers to exterior frame size, or, in the case of sculpture, longest overall measurement.
The Galleries cannot receive pictures taller than 2.4m (8ft), artists need to call in advance if work exceeds this.
Paintings in the Annual Exhibition 2011, Royal Society of Marine Artists
How to submit work

All the Societies belonging to the Federation of British Artists are changing to digital submission.  To date it has generated an increase in submissions to the exhibitions of the art societies.

This change is very much designed to try and help those artists who don't live near London get their work in front of the selectors.  The process will eliminate two trips to London to submit and collect work which is not accepted. In 2012, the process is optional.

It's also a great way of artists finding out whether or not their work merits selection.
  1. Register your interest in submitting work - see FBA Exhibitions Registration. There are two ways to register as an Artist. Click on one of the two options below to find out more:
  2. Submit works if pre-selected or if submitting in person
    • Handing-In Days in London are Friday 17 August & Saturday 18 August 2012, 10am-5pm.  Regional Hand-Ins are earlier
    • The Mall Galleries Registration Form must accompany all works. Work is not accepted unless it is signed by the artist. 
    • You can Print the Conditions and a Registration form and labels
  3. Check The Selection Notification Webpage to see whether your work has been selected. Notification of acceptance will be posted on Thursday 23 August, 2012 
Paintings in the Annual Exhibition 2011, Royal Society of Marine Artists
Annual Exhibition 2012

The 2012 Annual Exhibition will be on display between 17-28th October.  The Private View on the 16th.


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