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29th April 2012 - Who's made a mark this week?

Autumn by Sophie Ploeg
- selected for the Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters
opens Thursday 3rd May
© Sophie Ploeg
This week I'm featuring the artwork of two of my favourite painters and art bloggers - Sophie Ploeg and Ilaria Rosselli del Turco who both have work in upcoming exhibitions (more details below).

By coincidence both were born in Europe - Sophie is Dutch and Ilaria was born in Geneva and is descended from Florentine painters.  Both also live in the UK - and they both paint still life and portraits.  I very much commend their websites and blogs - both referenced below - to you.

I'm also very much looking forward to seeing the above portrait next week.  I'm always impressed by Sophie Ploeg's paintings which always look absolutely fabulous in real life - plus this time I get to meet Sophie too.

Artists and Art Blogs
Botanical art
Contemporary Art ("con art")
A new book by former gallery boss Julian Spalding argues that owners should offload now before the market realises that work by Hirst — and other major figures including Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and Antony Gormley — is a case of the emperor’s new clothes.
Drawing and Sketching 

These are some blogs by people I've not come across before - but I think the work merits a wider audience.
Plein Air
Art Business and Marketing 
Art Collectors and the Art Economy
  • I suppose after the death of Kinkade, it was inevitable that people might focus on whether you can be a real artist and earn money.  No painting, no gain: don't judge an artist by his bank balance  Jonathan Jones argues that From Raphael to Leonardo da Vinci, artists have been getting big money for centuries. So why do we judge contemporary artists such as Jeff Koons on the fortunes they make?
  • Sothebys now makes auction catalogues available in iPad editions.  Are your exhibition catalogues or paintings available as an iPad catalogue?
Art Competitions
Art Exhibitions

Exhibitions in London
The formal river procession will be between 2pm and 6pm, starting upriver of Battersea Bridge and finishing downriver of Tower Bridge.
The River Thames with St. Paul's Cathedral on Lord Mayor's Day (1746)
oil on canvas, 26.8 x 37.6 cm
The Lobkowicz Collections, Prague Castle, Czech Republic
Art Societies - UK
Other exhibitions in the UK

This exhibition brings together some of the greatest works to come out of 18th-century France. Prompted by Waddesdon’s recent acquisition of Boy building a house of cards(1735) by Jean-Siméon Chardin (1699-1779), the exhibition will unite all four of the artist’s paintings of the subject for the first time ever.

Art Societies - USA

  • CPSA 20th International Exhibition 2012 - Selected artists - I had a go at trying to understand a question which had always puzzled me - where do CP artists in the USA live?  It always struck me that where you have a very active District Chapter there tends to be more artists.  So - this post takes the names of the selected artists and then reorganises them according to where they live - and then links their names to their websites or blogs where these exist.  Spot the states where CP art is popular!
  • The third artist featured this week is my friend Nicole Caulfield (Nicole Caulfield Fine Art) whose Culinary Colour Wheel has been selected for the CPSA exhibition.  She also has prints available - see Prints! Culinary Color Wheel for a discount!
Culinary Color Wheel by Nicole Caulfield
selected for the CPSA 20th International Annual Exhibition
coloured pencils
© Nicole Caulfield

Exhibitions by Art Bloggers

If you've been reading Making A Mark for a bit you'll know that besides major exhibitions, art competitions and the exhibitions of art societies I'm very happy to publicise the exhibitions of established art bloggers (Galleries should note that I do NOT publicise the exhibition of every artist anywhere in the world - and please stop writing!).
Wrap Series paintings
© Illaris del Turco
Interiors - Galleria Ellearte in Palermo
Here are a few exhibitions which are on at the moment or coming up.

Art Galleries and Museums

Art Education

Richard McKinley (Pastel Pointers) has two posts about The Two Ts of Painting
Art Studios
  • Jana Bouc (JanasJournal) has been showing been doing a lot of work to relocate and improve her studio space - see My New Remodeled Art Studio Tour (at last!) - which also has a video.  Note that it's gained more space - and an outside deck!  Jana has some good tips for saving money on improving your facilities and storage
  • I came upon an old post of Ester Roi (Ester Roi Fine Art) last week - all about Glassless Framing - as a response to all the artists who have asked her how she frames her CP artwork on paper without glass.  I know I've highlighted it before but it merits repetition.
Art Supplies

Carol Marine (Carol Marine's Painting a Day) is responsible for two posts about art supplies this week.
  • Her newsletter alerted me to the Carol Marine Canvas Panel Holder - a simple way of keeping small canvas panels secure while painting.  This was invented by Carol's husband David Marine.  I'm not quite sure of the role the K Rike Gallery plays other than arranging for the panels to be made, fulfilling orders and dealing with the shipping
  • This is Another tripod option for holding the shadow/light box at a decent height
Art Books
Lulu announced integration between the Lulu One-Click Publishing app and the newly released Google Drive on Tuesday — a combination that will allow you to create and collaborate on a project in Google Drive and then publish that project through Lulu with a single click.
“Openness does not come at the expense of privacy or safety.” Kroes stated. “Laws and social norms, rights and responsibilities exist in cyberspace, just like in the real world. Openness does not mean anarchy.“
  • Pinterest – Copyright Infringement Made Cool? - on Mansurovs Photography - is one of the very best articles written to date on the topic of Copyright Infringement and Pinterest.  It explains some of the reasons why people just don't get it re copyright infringement - and I hasten to add the fact they don't get it is still no excuse!
Internet, webware and blogging
and finally......

This is The Art World of the 50s and 60s by Magnum Photographers on Slate.  See how many artists you recognise before you look at the caption.

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