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Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012: Call for Entries

Earlier this week the 'Call for Entries' for The Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012 was published.  The Prize was established in 1994 to promote excellence in drawing practice in the UK and is now the largest open drawing exhibition in the UK.

The aim of the Jerwood Drawing Prize is to recognise and support all those UK based artists who currently work in the field of drawing.  It will explore and celebrate the diversity, excellence and range of current drawing practice in the UK.

Details of the 'Call for Entries' are below - with links to all the relevant information you need if you;re contemplating entering

But first a little about what last year's competition was like........

Jerwood Drawing Prize 2011

This is what the selectors had to say about the 2011 competition
To say we were bowled over by the response to this year’s Jerwood Drawing Prize would be an understatement. Last year we received the highest number of entries to date for this exhibition. By close of the deadline in June 2011, artists from across the UK had left these figures far behind. 1,779 artists from students to established practitioners submitted work for consideration. Our selection panel had an enviable and challenging task, physically reviewing 3,354 works across the two day process. As in previous years it was an impressive opportunity to survey a broad variety of ways of thinking, seeing and discovering through drawing, from a range of perspectives and practices.
This was the drawing done by Gary Lawrence the winner of the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2011. the drawing is titled Homage to Anonymous.

Winner of the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2011
Homage to Anonymous (2011)
by Gary Lawrence
Gary Lawrence spent nearly a year working on his 1.8m by 1.2m (6ft by 4ft) picture using a pack of ten budget pens which he inked on to the backs of old Woolworths advertising posters.
When the 51-year-old completed a picture based on the Kalymnos port in Greece he could not afford to frame it.  Instead the part-time cleaner rolled it into a tube and posted it to judges.
The work, entitled Homage To Anonymous, beat 60 shortlisted artists to win this year’s prestigious Jerwood Drawing Prize.
Metro - Artist wins £6,000 art prize after using 3p ballpoint pens from Tesco
You can download the Catalogue for the 2011 exhibition - I recommend that anybody contemplating an entry should definitely read this.

Prizes 2012

For 2012, there has been a 55% increase in the prize fund which this year totals £17,000.
  • First Prize:  £8,000, 
  • Second Prize:  £5,000 
  • Two student awards of £2,000 each.
Prizes will be awarded to the winning artists at a ceremony on Tuesday 11 September 2012.

Selectors for Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012

The selectors for this year's competition are all very well versed in contemporary drawing practice.  They are:
  • Stephen Coppel, Curator of the Modern Collection, Department of Prints and Drawings at the British Museum; 
  • Kate Macfarlane, Co-Director of The Drawing Room, London; and 
  • Lisa Milroy, Artist and Head of Graduate Painting, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL
Who can enter?

This competition is open to students and established artists - who are resident or domiciled in the UK.  It's anticipated that over 2,000 artists will enter work this year.

Domiciled is a curious legal term which usually relates to tax and is actually quite complez!  It means you are a permanent resident.
Domicile is not the same as nationality or residence.  .....broadly speaking you have your domicile in the country that is your 'real' or permanent home which, if you have left, you intend to return to.
You are domiciled in the country where you have your permanent home. Domicile is different from nationality or residence.  You can only have one domicile at any given time.
HM Revenue and Customs - Domicile
So, other than the UK citizen who lives in the UK, here's a couple of examples of people who are eligible to enter other
  • if you're currently studying abroad but your permanent home is in the UK.  
  • If you are a foreign national but you are now normally resident in the UK (eg have permission to stay; pay tax here)
What to enter
  • Artists can register to enter up to three drawings for consideration.
How to enter and what to 

These are the key documents which would you can download in PDF format - just click the link in the title
  • This is the third year that the Jerwood Prize is using an on-line registration process.  It helps to reduce the use of paper and also speeds up the application process.
  • This is the registration website.
Deadline for entry
Please note, only artists who have registered by 5pm on the 18 June 2012 will be able to submit works for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012.
  • Deadline for registration is 5pm on Monday 18 June 2012.
Submission of work
  • Work can be submitted via the collections centres throughout the country, which in 2012 will be located in Cardiff, Cheltenham, Edinburgh, Falmouth, Liverpool, Newcastle and Norwich, ending in London on Saturday 30 June 2012
  • details of the the ‘Submission & Collection Timetable’ can be found in the Downloads/Links section of this website and on this pdf document
What does it cost?
  • The fees are on the high side and vary between handing in and are slightly more expensive if work is submitted via a regional submission centre.  This is because the latter includes the cost of transport - which to my mind is a very sensible arrangement as it avoids the vagaries of how much transport costs.
  • Examples:
    • hand in to London Submission Centre - Standard Entry: 1 work = £18;
    • hand in to Regional Submission Centre - Standard Entry: 1 work = £22
Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012 Exhibition

The selectors will aim to choose between 50 and 70 drawings for an exhibition at JVA at Jerwood Space, London from 12 September - 28 October 2012. The exhibition will then tour to venues across the UK including to the new Jerwood Gallery, Hastings.

Note: The Jerwood Drawing Prize was established in 1996 as the annual Cheltenham Open Drawing Exhibition. when The Jerwood Charitable Foundation became the principal sponsor of the Prize in 2001 and it was renamed the Jerwood Drawing Prize . The Jerwood Drawing Prize is part of Jerwood Visual Arts and is run in partnership with Drawing Projects UK.

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  1. "physically reviewing 3,354 works across the two day process."

    Hmm - assuming 8 hours per day and absolutely no breaks, that's 17 seconds per artwork.

  2. Correct - that's about par for the course as an average. Of course not all works get this much.

    I know that people often think it's a lot longer than this but frankly it's highly probable that a lot of work doesn't even get that because it's very easy to reject it quickly as not 'making the mark'.

    My estimate is that a quick "no" is going to go through in less than five seconds.

  3. And you think that's a reasonable way to assess work that people have put a lot of time and effort into? Remember, that's not bursts of activity and rest, but a solid continuous 2 day conveyorbelt of works being presented. Don't you think judges are going to get "snowblind" long before the task is completed?

  4. Whether it's reasonable or not, that's the way virtually every competitive open entry is judged.

    Think about it another way. How can you get good calibre judges to give up more of their time for this sort of thing?

    The fact of the matter is an entry now needs to be photographed to a very high standard because the first screening for many competitions now takes place online so that more time can be given to those invited to submit work later on.

    It varies from competition to competition - but I'm very much in favour of digital entry to screen out those who have no chance - in the opinion of the judges - of being considered for exhibition so that they can spend their time on those that do merit more time and consideration.


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