Thursday, April 26, 2012

Life Drawing with Sue Tilley at the National Portrait Gallery

It's a long time since I posted any life drawings from a model.  However last Friday I had the opportunity to draw Lucian Freud's model "Big Sue" Tilley (see Benefits Supervisor Sleeping) as part of the events associated with the Lucian Freud Portraits exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

It was rather odd to have a theatre full of people - on a steep rake - all drawing one model.   However it worked really well as we all had an excellent view!  No peering around easels!

Sue chatted and answered questions about what it was like to model for Lucian Freud and what he was really like as a man and as a painter - absolutely fascinating!

So here are my drawings , although  I've left out the quickies at the beginning.

Sue Tilley - 15 minute pose
11" x 8" Moleskine Sketchbook
Sue Tilley - 20 minutes
8" x 11" Arches HP
Sue Tilley - 30 minutes
8" x 11" Arches HP
Adrian Dutton, the tutor for the Workshop Life Drawing Class does a drop-in life drawing class in Bethnal Green.  A drop-in suits me a lot better due to the tenosynovitis in my drawing hand - I can't always cope with drawing for a couple of hours which is why I stopped the regular classes.   So maybe I'll see Adrian again......

[You can see more of my drawings of people on my website]


David Teter said...

Nice drawings...
Sounds like a fascinating time having access to a model with a history posing for a top artist like Lucian Freud.

Sometimes the models themselves have their own kind of celebrity, even if after the fact like Wyeth's Helga.
The models, there's a post all by itself.

BTW, how do you like the Canon SX40?
I have been considering the same camera.
Almost went for SLR but really don't want the bulkiness of all the lens etc.

Claire said...

wow!! what a wonderful opportunity!! you really are spoilt for choice in the capital...
it must have been fascinating to hear her side of the process, and then to draw her...
i especially like the immediacy of the 15 mins sketch, and i love the fact you included her water bottle in the last one :)

jane said...

A friend of mine has a blog about being an artist's model in NYC - it is warm and funny, you should all check it out - (Very nice drawings, BTW. Drawing clothed people is an interesting challenge, isn't it?) Tenosynovitis is not nice, is it? My problem is frozen shoulders . . . so I draw real small (A4 or less) and use watercolour - there is much less drag on the hand, so less painful.

maureen nathan said...

I especially like your 30 minute drawing, the feeling of weight is tremendous and love the inclusion of the water bottle! I was there drawing too and sorry not to meet you. I've been reading your blogs for 3 years and just can't tell you how much you contribute to my working life as an artist. Thank you!

alissaduke said...

lovely lines and marks. I also like the 15 minute drawing.

The Art Circle said...

I saw the exhibition yesterday and was very impressed.

Making A Mark said...

David - it's performing well so far - swithcing to the tungsten light setting for exhibitions in galleries has made a huge difference to the processing of images from exhibitions.

I've not done a review yet as I don't feel as if I've taken enough photos yet. It needs a run out to Kew Gardens or Wisley to get a true measure of it

Making A Mark said...

I felt the water bottle was a small Lucian Freud moment - he'd have drawn it too!

Making A Mark said...

Oh - that must be so painful! Mine comes and goes but I find there are weeks when I can barely hold a pencil for any length of time because of the pain.

Making A Mark said...

Thank you Maureen - it's always nice to hear from the long time fans!

I love your linocut portraits!

Making A Mark said...

Thanks Alissa

Making A Mark said...

I must get back there before it closes and go round again. I saw it twice on one day at the beginning and still felt like I hadn't seen it enough

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