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2012 Prizewinners at Society of Botanical Art's Annual Exhibition

I always make a point each year of listing those artists who win prizes at the Annual Exhibition of the Society of Botanical Artists and this year is no different.

Society of Botanical Art: 2012 Prizewinners

The winners of the various Awards are listed below next to an image of the artwork which won the prize.  Where their website could be identified this has been linked to their name - click the name to visit the website.

The Joyce Cuming Presentation Award: This is a legacy from founder member Joyce Cuming – a sterling silver Almoner’s plate crafted by Garrard & Co. who are the Crown Jewellers. The winner receives a certificate.  This year this was won by Japanese artist Eiko Hamada SBA GM CBM '09.  

I am consistently impressed by the work of this artist who regularly wins botanical art awards.  She  previously won this award in 2008 and is the first artist to win it twice.   Her work is also held in the collection of Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation at the Carnegie Mellon University.

The Joyce Cuming Presentation Award
Strelizia Nicolai by Eiko Hamada SBA GM CBM 09

watercolour (£500 - sold)
© Eiko Hamada

The Margaret Stevens Award: This award is given to an artist whose work reflects their concern for the environment and in 2012 it was given to Marilyn Wheeler NDD DipSBA(Dist.) SBA SGM CBM '10 and '11 who is based in Mid Wales.  Next month she has a botanical art exhibition opening at Aberglasney House (25 May 2012 - 07 June 2012)

The Margaret Stevens Award - Botanical artwork by Marilyn Wheeler
various orchids in the wild
watercolour and pencil (£500 each)
© Marilyn Wheeler
The Margaret Granger Memorial Silver Bowl: This is awarded to a member within 2 years of becoming a full member.  The award went to Hazel Rush DipSB(Dist.) SBA
The Margaret Granger Silver Memorial Bowl
for the best painting by a member elected in the previous two years
Botanical artwork by Hazel Rush
watercolour (£400 each)
©  Hazel Rush
Suzanne Lucas
Memorial Award
© Ian Pethers

(£195 - all sold)
The Suzanne Lucas Memorial Award was won by Ian Pethers RMS SBA HS for a body of work.  The artwork in question were miniature watercolour paintings of woodland trees in Spring, Autumn and Winter - and had all sold out well before the prizes were awarded!

The President's Award for Work in Other Media This is a cash prize for work in media other than watercolour - and was won by Maureen Jordan SBA who creates pastels of floral still life or plants in gardens
The President's Award for work in other media
Flowers by Maureen Jordan

pastels - various prices
©   Maureen Jordan
The Daler Rowney Choice Award - a box set of watercolours - was won by Jill Winch DipEGS SBA

The Daler Rowney Choice Award
Medinilla Magnifica by Jill Winch

(watercolour - £595)
© Jill Winch
The Great Art Award This was a new award last year and it looks like this is going to set a trend for awarding this prize to a large work with major impact.  

Linda Alexander (formerly known as Linda Meaney) won this award this year.  I've seen and commented on her artwork previously and I have absolutely no doubt that it is and will continue to be extremely popular.  Her paintings are a great example of artwork which beckons you across a gallery as soon as you see it.
Artwork by Linda Alexander (nee Meany)
(left) Fonteyn II (oil on Linen) £3,400
(top right) Acorns (oil on linen) £995
(middle right) Autumn Light (oil on linen) £995
(bottom right) Still Life with Figs (oil on linen) £995
© Linda Alexander
The Derwent Award - Japanese Tassel Fern
Group of ferns (Driopteris and Polystichum) by Sue Vize

graphite and coloured pencil - priced between £225 and £325
© Sue Vize
The Derwent Award was won by Sue Vize SBA for Polystichum polyblepharum - Japanese Tassel Fern.

The photo (right)  shows the suite of ferns she entered in the show - all completed in graphite and coloured pencil.

The drawing which won the award is top right

The People's Choice Award will be determined by the votes cast by visitors to the exhibition which ends on Sunday 29th April.

Entrance to the exhibition is free and you will find it at Central hall Westminster.

You can read my review of this year's exhibition and find out who won the Certificate of Botanical Merit in the posts listed at the end of this post.

Next year's theme for the Annual Exhibition is "The Language of Flowers".  The exhibition will again be held at Westminster Central Hall between 12th and 21st April 2013.

Exhibition entry schedules are available from the Executive Secretary.  The deadline for entries is generally around the end of February.

2012 Exhibition

Botanical Art Resources


  1. As an SBA Distance Learning student I love to see the student work that has a little area of its own at the exhibition. The standards are always amazingly high and very impressive. Who knows, these students may be the prizewinners of the future and its good to know the botanical style is in safe hands.

  2. Linda Alexander´s work is terrific.

  3. Amazing and inspirational to those of us that dabble in botanical art. Something to aspire to...sigh. The work by Linda Alexander simply jumps off the paper...even when viewed on a computer screen!


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