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MAM Awards 2010: Nominations for Best Portrait/ Figure Painting

The Making a Mark Prize for Best Artwork - Portrait / Figures 2010 aims to celebrate and highlight excellence in portraiture and/or artwork predominantly involving figures

Below are the nominations I received for the best picture (portrait/figure) on an art blog in 2010.
  • I'll be selecting three of these plus (possibly) one more of my own choice to go forward to the vote on the best picture of 2010
  • I'll be including larger images of these in the invitation to vote for the winner - which gets posted tomorrow.
  • You then have until 29th December to vote for the work you think is the best.
Kenny by Alexandra Zonis (Pencil Scribbles)
Nominated by Carol King
Alex has been pursuing portraiture and she has grown tremendously in the past year. She is working on a series of portraits for the Sketchbook Project. If possible, I would like to nominate all the work for the sketchbook project, and specifically I would like to nominate her portrait of KENNY. I love the expression, the tilt of his head and his hat and the softness of her pencil marks.

Squint by Ed Marion (Ed Marion)
Nominated by Ed Marion
I love this work because it resonates with me as being one of the 3 or 4 self-portraits I’ve done that remind me of what I see in the mirror every day. I oil painted this piece, as I do many self-portraits, on a square 10" x 10" board. I painted this from life (i.e., looking in the mirror) in my basement studio one day. I remember my wife was calling me from upstairs for something and I was trying to paint quickly while maintaining the cock of my head to keep my head in “frame,” so to speak.

Like several of my 2010 self-portraits, it was part of my ongoing self portrait project  – with a particular emphasis on growing my hair on the wild side.

Fragments by Myrna Wacknov (Creativity Journey)
What I find particularly appealing about this piece is that Myrna has included several daily drawings that she posted in 2010 to her other blog, "Drawn to the Mirror".

I think the portrait is superbly done. Painting over the grid of collaged self portraits adds layers of meaning to me.

For a little background about the small self portraits, Myrna challenged her blog followers to commit to drawing daily and posting to a blog. She’s done this with her self portraits. It’s been fun to see how they have developed over the year’s time. Then to take the small self portraits and create a masterful self-portrait is wonderful. Plus, it makes me smile!

I believe “Fragments” is a mixed media/watermedia piece. I have contacted Myrna Wacknov and she has said she would honored to have the piece shown on your blog.

By the way, we both enjoy your blog.

Thank you for your consideration.
100 Faces Project by Karin Jurick (A Painting Today)
Nominated by Kimberley Santini
I nominate Karin Jurick's 100 Faces project. It's such an excellent addition to her portfolio, and the journey through the mugshots is a great lesson in character and vision.
Kimberley didn't nominate an individual painting so I went looking for the ones which Karin said were her favourites and picked one from those.  In the end I chose one her guy likes a lot and I remembered from earlier in the year.

Some Drawings by Derek Jones (Derek Jones Art)
Nominated by Julie Broom
I'd like to nominate Derek Jones for his beautiful work in soluble graphite, specifically the lower image in "Some Drawings'.

I've so enjoyed watching Derek develop his works in graphite this year. I'd never have believed graphite could be so fresh, lively and fluid. He has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of this medium with this lovely portrait and the many others he has shared with us in 2010.

Derek has confirmed he would be happy for his work to appear on making a mark.

I'm looking forward to seeing the nominations last year I was introduced to some fantastic blogs from checking out who had been nominated.

Please? by Crystal Cook (Art by Crystal Cook)
Nominated by Vinayak Deshmukh
I would like to nominate Crystal Cook for a painting of her son.  I like the expression of the child in this painting and the way it has been captured. The innocence on his face and the disappointment for not being able to take a bite from the apple is captivating!

Dejeuner by Margaret Dyer (Small Pastel Studies by Margaret Dyer)
Nominated by Belinda Del Pesco
I'd like to nominate Margaret Dyer's "Dejeuner" 24 x 19 pastel

I've loved this piece from the moment I saw it, and I still love it months later. Margaret took a complex scene that could have easily been over done by many artists, and used the repeated geometry in the chair backs and wine glasses in simplified forms to bring us right to the lone figure, framed between the two bright windows. She's waiting for someone. The rim light on the figure and the surfaces in the restaurant shimmers. I just love this piece.

The missing piece by Antti Rautiola (Antti Rautiola)
Nominated by René PleinAir
This is very hard to choose.  Internet offers soo much good artists and even more lovely artworks.  Choosing one above an other is just not fair, ... but when I look back in my head which one stuck there the longest it would be work from Antti Rautiola, an artist living in Helsinki Finland, father of two kids which makes me choose him. His love for those two children shows so much in his work that sometimes it even makes me think, ...

Within his work I would like to nominate his "The missing piece" painting It has exactly that what I was talking about and in such a simplified way. Pure, simple and yet with such an impact it surely will stuck into everyone's mind.

Antti for me.

Although this could also be placed on the portrait/figures section Antti makes plein air work as well, ... (You may decide that Katherine.)

Why not tell me which three you would pick?
Coming soon:
  • MAM Awards 2010: Nominations for Best Natural World
(Nominations are remaining open until the nominations post is posted!)
    Note: I rejected three nominations for the following reasons. I'd be happy to explain the reasons in more detail if there is a query. (1) one related to art on a website not a blog (2) a self-nomination cited two art blogs but failed to identify an artwork; and (3) one artwork is on a blog labelled "adult" and my browser won't let me access it.

    The rules for nominations were as follows:
    • In 2010, any artist creating portraits or artwork predominantly involving figures - real or imaginary - and posting their work to their art or illustrated blog can be nominated.
    • 2D artwork is eligible - artwork can be a painting (in any media) or a drawing (in any media) or a fine art print (using any method)
    • Work is NOT eligible if it appears to be be one or more of the following:
      • was not completed in 2010
      • has not appeared on an art or illustrated blog in 2010
      • appears on a site which is not a 'regular' (non adult) art blog which is more than three months old  (ie websites don't count)
      • over-reliant on a photograph not taken by the artist
      • subjected to lots of digital manipulation/tweaks (over and above that needed to make it read 'true' on screen)
      • the nominated work is unclear - no exceptions made for self-nominations
    • An artist can be nominated more than once - by different people - for different works
    • An artist can be nominated more than once - by different people - for the same work
    • To be shortlisted the nominated artist must agree to their work being displayed on this blog as part of the shortlist.
    • Anonymous nominations are not permitted. In order to nominate you too must have an art or illustrated blog and be capable of being identified by me. (This is to stop spammers!)
    • All nominations must be in English

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    1. Wow, I see my painting on there. :) I'm so honored. All of them are so lovely, but the last one, by Anti Ratioula is just so expressive. And of course anything by Karin Jurick is amazing.


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