Friday, December 31, 2010

Best Picture of 2010 on an Art Blog

You have voted - and the results are in (see Vote for the best artwork on an art blog in 2010) and today I can announce who has won Best Picture of 2010 on an Art Blog.

Many thanks to the hundreds of art bloggers who took time out over the festive season to come and view the nominations and vote in this Making A Mark Awards Poll.

I’d also like to extend my appreciation to all those art bloggers who came up with the nominations. Your assistance in identifying good work is certainly valued by me - and all the other art bloggers who have enjoyed seeing the work nominated for 2010. (You can see links to all the nomination threads at the end)

The MAM Award for Best Picture of the Year (Portrait/Figures) on an Art Blog

"Hands of Time"
by Karin Jurick A Painting Today,
8 x 11" oil on masonite
The winner of the Best Picture of the Year (Portrait/Figures) is "Hands of Time" an oil painting by Karin Jurick (A Painting Today). Nominated by me - Katherine Tyrrell!

Karin Jurick got over 43% of the vote and has repeated her win in this same category in 2009.

Margaret Dyer (Small Pastel Studies by Margaret Dyer) - also a previous winner of this category - edged second place from Derek Jones (Derek Jones Art) who came third

The MAM Award for Best Picture of the Year (Place) on an Art Blog

We have a dead heat for this category despite the hundreds of votes cast!

Canal Sunrise
by Loriann Signori (Loriann Signori's Painting-a-Day)
The joint winners of the Best Picture of the Year (Place), each with 34% of the vote, are:
    by Michelle Basic Hendry
    (Artscapes – Musings on Art & Life)
     Third place was taken by Terry Miura (Studio Notes).

    The MAM Award for Best Picture of the Year (Still Life) on an Art Blog
    Black Grapes #3
    by James Neil Hollingsworth
    (Paintings in Oil)
    The winner of the Best Picture of the Year (Still Life) is Black Grapes #3 by James Neil Hollingsworth (Paintings in Oil). Nominated by Belinda del Pesco.
    Neil attracted 35% of the vote and this was a category which was keenly contested with the lead changing many times during the course of the vote.

    Sadie J Valeri (Sadie J Valeri) and Julian Merrow-Smith (Postcard from Provence) tied for second place with their respective works

    The MAM Award for Best Picture of the Year (Natural World) on an Art Blog
    The Right Side
    by Gayle Mason (Fur in the Paint)
    10 x 8", coloured pencils and acrylic
    The winner of the Best Picture of the Year (Nature) is The Right Side a mixed media drawing by Gayle Mason (Fur in the Paint); Nominated by Katherine Tyrrell
    Jeanette Jobson (Illustrated Life) was second and Tracy Hall (Watercolour Artist) was third.

    The MAM Award for Best Picture of the Year on an Art Blog

    This is awarded to the picture which got the most votes cast in the poll.

    It’s always fascinating to see how the different categories fare in terms of the number of votes they attract and how art bloggers rate different work when they start acting as the jury rather than the artist whose work is being judged.

    This year the winning artist won by a significant margin.  In fact she repeated the type of lead she also generated last year when she also won this prize.  So regular readers will now know that......

    The MAM Award for Best Picture of the Year on an Art Blog goes to
    Karin Jurick for "Hands of Time"

    In second place - according to the number of votes cast - was The Right Side by Gayle Mason (Fur in the Paint)

    There was a tie for third place - with honours split between:
    Now as Karin won Best Picture on an Art Blog in 2009 as well, I’ve had a word with her and in order to give the rest of you a chance, she’s going to go the way of all the people who enter many of the big art competitions.  This means she will be sitting on the alumni bench next year and won’t be allowed to enter! :)

    However I’ve got a new idea for next year which I’m hoping will include Karin's astute eye for what makes a good painting - of which more in the New Year.

    Note:  Every year, the voting always tends to indicate pretty early on which painting is likely to win this award. This year I identified a problem with some significant fluctuations in the voting which was investigated and, after much analysis, was addressed through the elimination of one of the entries. I'll be reflecting on the lessons learned in the New Year and seeking your help in thinking through how best to conduct this competition next year.

    Links:  The Making A Mark Awards


    1. My congratulations to all of these fine artists.

      It is tremendous fun to follow these posts, Katherine.

    2. Thanks Casey - I'm glad you enjoy them. It's fun to follow the process through the month.

    3. All of these works are wonderful!

    4. Thanks so much Katherine. I am honored to be part of this group. I really appreciate your nomination. You blog is an asset to all painters. Thanks for taking all the time it takes to create it. Happy New Year!!!

    5. Thank you immensely Katherine - you make me very proud. And thanks to all who took the time to vote for their favorites. Your blog is incredibly valuable to any artist, I appreciate the time and devotion you take - I learn so much from your posts and find tons of artworks/artists I really do enjoy and admire. Happy New Year Katherine - Gratefully, Karin Jurick

    6. What a wonderful blog! Congratulations to all the winners and especially Karin Jurick. She's our hero and inspiration. Looking forward to a great new year! Paint, Just Paint!

    7. Thank you Katherine for making it possible for artist's work to be seen by such the huge and varied readership of your blog. I am both honoured and thrilled that 'The Right Side' has won one of your awards.
      I also appreciate the time you take to produce such a wealth of information on your blog.
      Happy New Year

    8. Congratulations to all your well deserved winners. You do wonderful work with your blog in educating and informing us. I don't comment often but I read and learn. Thank you so much!

    9. I echo Karin and Gayle's sentiments. I have been enjoying and learning from this blog for a few years now and appreciate greatly all of your efforts. I am honoured to have had the opportunity to be included and thanks to your readers taking the time to vote, to share in an award.
      Happy New year, Katherine.

    10. Congratulations to all the winners!


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