Friday, December 31, 2010

The Making A Mark Awards (Part 4 - The Home Front)

Nominations were invited in this thread Making A Mark Nominations: The Home Front although unfortunately it only got one!  Which is OK as I already has some blogs in mind for these awards! :)

“The Moose” - the award for the best animal in an illustrated blog
Named after the first winner of this award. This award is for particularly noteworthy artwork about an animals or animals (wild or domestic) posted to an art or illustrated blog in 2010
I recived one nomination for this award.   According to  Kimberly Santini Lisa Daria for the Moose Award and the Stickability one - Lisa Daria (Lisa Daria) was is a daily painter who tackles a variety of subjects, always accompanied by her studio assistant, Brie, a big fluff ball who gets into all sorts of troubles.
    Other animals which I had in mind for this award include
    Tripod seems to rule the roost and the turkeys at the Jobson home in Newfoundland despite only having three legs. Now of course he also has the added distraction of an artist in the family who's rather interested in fish!

    He's also featured in very many drawings and paintings over the years and has always come across as an animal with a strong male character.  He's become a bit fussy with age (don't they all?) and only occasionally now consents to model - for a fee!

    His owner made an unknowing bid to capture my attention with a rather fetching Christmas painting (see right) and I succumbed!

    The 2010 winner of
    "The Moose" award for best animal on an illustrated blog is

    The “Tales from the Frontline” Amusing Musings Trophy
    Originally two awards but combined into one for the last two years. 
    • "The Amusing Musings Trophy" is for keeping me amused. 
    • The “Tales from the Frontline - Mention in Despatches" - my favourite blog by somebody who lives with an artist.
    I'm not making this award this year as I'm currently stumped for a nomination.  This can be changed if there are late suggestions! :)

    The Most Gorgeous Mouthwatering (MGM) Studio of the Year
    The Most Gorgeous Mouthwatering (MGM) Studio of the Year
    For the Most Improved Studio of the Year - to reflect the continuous efforts of artists to improve our studio environments.
    This year the studio improvement I've kept going back to time and time again has been Cathy Johnson's shed studio blog which I think has been through a few name changes - it's currently called Shed of Reality: a place called sanity
    The 2010 Winner of  
    The Most Gorgeous Mouthwatering (MGM) Studio of the Year 
    belongs to Cathy Johnson

    The brilliant thing about this project was that Cathy set up a blog to track the whole process of creating a new studio in a shed.

    It not only provides a record of the various trials, tribulations and achievements, it's also a marvellous source of information with lots of links for anybody else trying to tackle a similar project.

    I'm sure Cathy would also want to make sure that I mention Joseph's part in bringing this project to fruition.

    I wonder if Cathy loans Joseph out...... ;)

    Links:  The Making A Mark Awards


    1. Katherine, thank you so much! It's been a real labor of love, and we're still tweaking. Next up is managing to make a good place there to shoot my instructional mini-videos. More lighting, bigger camera?

      As you noted, that's one reason I set up the blog, to encourage other people to realize their dreams. I know at least two who are aiming in that direction now...

      And nope, that's been the name of the blog from Day One, it's just that people keep telling me I should call it something else. I suppose it is a bit grand for a "shed," but that's what it is, size-wise at least... :-)

      Again, thank you! It's been a Godsend...

    2. Katherine, Tripod sends you his best wishes, thanks and a fresh rodent from the barn in appreciation of The Moose Award.

      I'll add his pictorial reaction to the news later on my blog. :)

      Thanks again for all your hard work in putting all these awards together. You need an award of your own for doing this!

    3. I've long been a fan of Cathy Johnson's writing, and I've been following her Shed of Reality blog from the start. I've really enjoyed it.



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