Wednesday, December 01, 2010

POLL: Are you selling or giving art for Christmas?

I though we might have a very seasonal Making A Mark Opinion Poll for December.  This one comes in two parts and asks you whether you are selling or giving art for Christmas.

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Christmas Tree, c.1958
Andy Warhol
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The options for two polls are as follows:

Are you selling art as a Christmas gift?
  • Made huge effort to create attractive Christmas gifts
  • Made more art recently with Christmas in mind
  • Not doing anythingvery  different re selling art
  • I'm not trying to sell art as Christmas gifts
Are you planning to give art as a Christmas gift?
  • Giving art for Christmas (repeat event)
  • Giving art for Christmas (1st time)
  • I'm not buying art for Christmas
Please feel free to substitute whatever seasonal festivity you buy gifts for.

As usual the poll is in the right hand column - just below the "For your Information" and just above "Bloggers who follow this blog"

This month there's going to be less time than usual to respond as I need to get this poll finished inbetween the nominations for the Making A Mark Awards 2010 and the start of my End of Year Review!

Hence this poll will finish on 17th and will be reported on the 18th - just before the mad panic to get pressie buying completed starts on the last weekend before Christmas!

(These dates may be brought forward - so vote early!)


  1. I felt I needed to comment here because I used to give art for Christmas - for years. But after a while it seemed like I was overwhelmed every year and the giving was getting in the way of selling. It was becoming too much work to manage. Now I encourage people to buy my art for gifts if I know that the person they are buying for will like it, but, I no longer give it away unless it is for someone very special.

    I buy art for Christmas only when I know it is something the person receiving it will love. Art is very personal. I tend to buy mostly craft or artisan jewelry.

    I have, however, received art for Christmas most of the last few years because I am very vocal about what I like and it makes it easy for my husband! LOL!

  2. Thanks Michelle - I'm guessing there are a few more like you out there


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