Sunday, September 13, 2009

13th September 2009 - Who's made a mark this week?

I went to see the exhibition for the RWS/Sunday Times Watercolour competition yesterday which is on at the Bankside Gallery until 20th September. If you went today you will have been enjoying the Thames Festival as well (see what it looked like outside the Tate Modern yesterday below)!

I'll be writing a review of the exhibition tomorrow.

The Thames Festival outside the Tate Modern 12th July 2009

Most of this last week has seen me buried deep in the internet booking accommodation and travel arrangements for a visit to France which starts towards the end of this month. You can expect to see a few posts about this prior to that on both this blog and Travels with a Sketchbook - as I gather information together - plus some intermittent posting (or maybe some scheduled posting) due to
  • next week: a trip to take my cats to stay with my mother
  • the week after: when my sister and niece arrive in London prior to
  • the week after that: when we go to France!
One of the bonuses of our trip is staying in a cottage near Tours which enables me visit with fellow Watermarks member, Ronell (of African Tapestry and My French Kitchen. Ronell has a wonderful post about Montlouis where she lives right next to the River Loire. I'm going to be sketching the Loire in October! :) Or sketching Ronell cooking or maybe both!

Drawing and sketching

Hydra morning by Julie Oakley
  • I highly recommend you go take a look at Julie Oakley's blog Julie's Pictures. She's been sketching recently at both the Edinburgh Festival and in Greece and it's good to see so much evidence in lots of posts about 'what she did on her holidays'. So often I hear about trips but never see any sketches which makes it really great to see so many great sketches by Julie.
  • This one came through as I was writing this post. Paul (Learning to See) has started Sargent Portrait Copy, Part 1 - with lots of explanation about process. His 100 Still Life Drawing Series - all drawn without the use of line is very interesting
  • Cathy Gatland's Sad Tale of a Dikkop includes a wonderful drawing of a bird on A Sketch in Time
Coloured Pencils and Pastels
Digital Art
Painters and Painting
When I was in Art School one of my professors told me that I'd be an artist when I'd completed 100 paintings. There's a lot to that.
  • I spotted a lady called Cherie Smith sat on the grass outside the Tate Modern yesterday creating a 'plate' for printmaking using an etching needle on a sheet of orange plastic. She was drawing a musician participating in the Thames Festival from life with ehr etching needle. It's a first for me.

Art Business and Marketing

Art Competitions and Art Societies

  • The CPSA Explore This! prospectus is now online - I'll be doing a post about this later next week.

Art Exhibitions and art fairs - and culture!

First some comments on exhbitions in general. Great minds.....? Or maybe they just read one another?
  • The Drawing Campaign celebrates its first decade of the Big Draw with Now We Are Ten, an exhibition and a unique auction at Idea Generation Gallery, 11 Chance Street, London E2 7JB, from 8 - 20 September. Amazing drawings made in the Campaign’s name, and new work by many leading artists, illustrators and cartoonists, go under the hammer on 17 September to support the Campaign. Yesterday, the famous annual Battle of the Cartoonists kick started the 10th anniversary of The Big Draw. Cartoonists from Private Eye, The Sun, Professional Cartoonists Organisation and The Independent took part. Most of the events will be taking place between 1st and 31st October.
  • The Culture Department has announced the longlist to be the UK's first City of Culture - more about this later this week.
  • Culture24 is a useful website for art exhibitions in the UK
  • Spain - Goya to Picasso continues at Royal Scottish Academy Building until 11th October
  • you can visit Swindon Open Studios 2009.

Art Education / Workshops / Tips and techniques

This landmark event is an opportunity for cultural educators (education teams in museums, galleries and heritage sites), teachers (in formal education and lifelong learning) and artists to come together and explore drawing as a tool for learning, engagement and enjoyment. It reflects increasing interest in the learning potential of the Campaign’s flagship programmes, The Big Draw and Power Drawing Professional Development, from colleagues inside and outside the UK.
  • The Power Drawing professional development programme includes:
Acrylic Practice, 24 x 24"
copyright Jana Bouc
Next weekend The Guardian and The Observer are producing two guides to Drawing and Paintings - more details here. Now that's what I call a neat idea to get you to buy the paper editions of a newspaper! :)

Artists and Art History


Opinion Poll

Lots of people are responding to this months's poll and it's producing some very interesting results! If you've not yet voted you'll find it in the right hand column. This poll will run until the end of September but the analysis will only emerge in mid October.

Tips and Websites, webware and blogging

At the start, critics often said, "Twitter is fun, but it's not useful." At one point @ev responded dryly with, "Neither is ice cream." Things have come a long way in a short time.

and finally......

Don't forget to enter my A "Little Break to Brussels" competition. I haven't had any comments from people intending to enter although I have heard from people who would very much liked to have been able to enter!

If you're planning on entering it would be good to hear from you. At the moment anybody who enters has a really good chance of winning those two free tickets to visit Brussels!

Making a Mark reviews......


  1. Thank you very much for mentionning Swindon Open Studios in you blog. The event was a real success with artists and visitors having a good time. We also had a good number of sales, which is reassuring in these hard economic times.



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  3. Katherine - I was so thrilled that you mentioned my blog! Thank you!

    I've temporarily changed my blog name from 100 Paintings to 1,000 Paintings. I'd originally thought 10,000 paintings (per Malcom Gladwell's 10,000 hours theory) but then did the math. No matter how I try, I don't think I'll reach 10,000 paintings. But 1,000? Yes, I believe I can.



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