Wednesday, September 16, 2009

à bientôt!

France 2009: Route Map

I'm off to France in 10 days time.

Until then I'll be delivering artwork to an exhibition, sorting major blog posts for said exhibition for an art society, delivering cats to my mother, doing yet more letters for a planning application we've been fighting for months, meeting up with my sister and niece in London and generally getting on with preparations for being away in France - hence posting might be a tad haphazard prior to leaving!

Also while I'm away there might be the odd scheduled post - probably along the lines of announcements or posing questions. However publication of comments will be very haphazard and will depend on when and if I get near a computer to moderate them (and I can't lift the moderation - I know what happens when I do!)

This blog will start to get back to normal some time around the week commencing 12th October - however if you want to know where I am and what I'm up to try checking out Travels with my sketchbook in...... from time to time. I won't be posting sketches (far too complicated!) but I am going to try and schedule posts to publish while I'm away which say where I am and what I think I'm probably doing - eg sketching in the garden at Giverny!

This post - tells you more about the trip - plus poses a critical question Where to go on my French trip?

Travels with a Sketchbook in.......


Benoit Philippe said...

If it is not already on your list of museums to visit in Paris, I would warmly recommend the Marmottan museum for it's impressionists collection (see:



Lucie G said...

Bon voyage!

Mongoose1 said...

Have fun Katherine!

José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...

Hi there,

I wish you a great time there.
If you go to Paris, don't forget to visit the Sennelier store near the Cais Voltaire.
The Lefranc et Bourgois store is also nearby as is also the Delacroix Museum.

Kind regards,


Making A Mark said...

Thanks Jose - it's already on my list!

Gesa said...

oh, and i see you should be going tomorrow? have a wonderful trip, katherine! i'm looking forward to the posts, but above all: enjoy!

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