Friday, September 25, 2009

Society of Wildlife Artists - Annual Exhibition 2009

A selection of works from the Annual Exhibition of
the Society of Wildlife Artists

all artwork copyright the artists / all photos copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I went to see the 46th Annual Exhibition of the Society of Wildlife Artists yesterday - and it's very, very impressive. I highly recommend that all artists sketching, drawing, painting, printmaking or sculpting animals should make the utmost effort to go and see it.

One of the reasons why this exhibition is very impressive is the sheer range of styles of making art - it's a veritable visual feast. The mix in terms of sizes also makes for a very attractive exhibition. I always come away from it feeling hugely stimulated about making art.

The printmaking is absolutely stunning as usual and there is always far more sculpture in this art society exhibition than I ever see in any other. I loved the baby elephant!

For those who love birds or fishes or endangered species there is plenty to see - the birds in particular dominate the exhibition (as happens in most exhibitions of wildlife art). There's an awful lot of avid birders out there. Having got into drawing birds myself this year I was looking at all the artwork with fresh eyes!

Unfortunately, due to the need to continue with preparations for my trip to France, my detailed review of this exhibition will have to wait until I get back. You can however some of the works on display in a few of my photos take yesterday in the gallery and on the official SWLA website.

One special mention for a fellow artist blogger who will be well known to long time readers of this blog. In her first exhibition with the SWLA, fellow blogger and friend Tracy Hall (winner of the RMS Gold Memorial Bowl in 2008) has already sold one of her two miniature watercolour paintings of birds which are in the show. I still can't quite believe that earlier this week we were seriously discussing whether or not I could pick up her work at the end of the exhibition! ;) It's also worth noting that Tracy has a Miniatures Step by Step article in a UK art journal this month.

SWLA - small works wall
Do please also note that this is an art society which does more than just produce art.
The Society of Wildlife Artists is a registered charity that aims to generate an appreciation of and delight in the natural world through all forms of fine art, based on representing the world’s wildlife.

Though exhibitions and publications, the Society aims to further an awareness of the importance of conservation in order to maintain the variety of the world’s ecosystems and its wildlife. The Society also supports and promotes the arts-based objectives of other conservation and wildlife charities.
You can see the Annual SWLA Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. It closes on Sunday October 4th.

You can also read more about their exhibitions and see more art by various members in my reviews of previous exhibitions in the links below.


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  1. Thanks so much for letting me know Katherine :) Hope you have a wonderful trip. Very jealous.


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