Saturday, September 12, 2009

RWS/Sunday Times Exhibition - two workshops

The Royal Watercolour Society / Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition opened at the Bankside Gallery this week and I'm trying to get to see it today - review next week!

Courses, talks, demonstrations and painting holidays

In the meantime, it's worth noting that the RWS has a full programme of courses, talks and demonstrations over the course of the year and these are usually linked to their exhibitions at the Bankside Gallery.

The link also provides details of painting holidays led by artists who are members of the Royal Watercolour Society.

Two workshops in September

Here's a quick alert to what look like two very interesting watercolour workshops taking place during the exhibition.

It's so nice to see workshops which step outside the conventional 'how to paint watercolour' format!

Workshop: Why do we paint?
A One-day course of discussion and debate by Geoffrey Pimlott RWS
The day will consist of looking at how past masters of watercolour painting experimented with and explored this versatile medium, critical debate of the work in the RWS/Sunday Times Watercolour Competition exhibition in this same context, and analysis and criticism of the work you bring along to the day work with the expressed intention of inspiring and encouraging you to paint in watercolour in an even more exciting and exploratory way!

Please bring along four recent works for criticism plus sketch books and a pen or pencil.
Tutor: Geoffrey Pimlott RWS
Date: Sunday 13th September 11:30am - 5:30pm
Venue: Bankside Gallery, 48 Hoptom Street, London SE1 9JH
Maximum Class Size: 15
Price: £25 per person
Booking Contact: 020 79287521 or email

Workshop: As I See Myself
A one-day masterclass led by Cameron Galt ARWS

You are invited to join this workshop aimed at artists of all abilities. The workshop will offer a range of approaches as a 'way in' to the strong artistic convention of self portraiture, through the mediums of drawing watercolour and mixed media. Together we will explore techniques from traditional drawing & watercolour to collage – you are invited to bring printed or photographic material of yourself for such purposes.

Inspiration can be drawn from and linked to Royal Watercolour Society / Sunday Times exhibits and from the collection in the National Gallery. You may also bring your own works for criticism.

Please bring a sketch book and a pencil, plus your watercolours if you have them. Charcoal, mirrors and limited watercolours will be available for use on the day.

Date: Sunday 20th September 11:30am - 5:30pm
Venue: Bankside Gallery, 48 Hoptom Street, London SE1 9JH
Maximum Class Size: 15
Price: £25 per person
Booking Contact: 020 79287521 or email

Booking is essential for all courses.

Making a Mark reviews......

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