Sunday, September 27, 2009

Follow my travels........

With any luck, when this publishes I'll be sat on a train going to Paris.

I'm not going interactive - but if any of you are interested in following my travels in France, you can do so in one of three ways:

Travels with a Sketchbook in.......
  1. right clicking on the link above and either subscribing to the feed on Travels with my Sketchbook in......
  2. or checking out a link to the Travels with Sketchbook posts that I've written in advance about the places we're visiting. You can check these out - they's scheduled to post on a daily basis starting Sunday 27th September. (I learned a few things while putting them together!)
  3. Alternatively, if you already follow me on Twitter, then you might be interested to know that I plan to tweet our progress around Paris, Normandy and the Loire. Everybody who is already a follower will be able to access those tweets.
France 2009: Route Map

I'm afraid I've protected my Tweets to avoid all the types who want to follow you as soon as you mention anywhere famous. That means that I'm afraid you can't join as a follower on Twitter until I can vet requests to follow - which is not likely to be any time soon as I have updates switched off on my phone.

Similarly I'd love to read your comments on blog posts but they won't come up on either blog until I can access a 'safe' computer and have enough time - which probably won't be until I get back home. If you think I'm being OTT about this you should see what happens when I switch off moderation!

However blog posts with sketches of what I got up to will follow on Travels with a Sketchbook just as soon as I can manage when I get back home again!

Links: Where to go on my French trip?


  1. Oh how I love France and Paris! Have a wonderful time Katherine!

  2. Have fun Katherine! Even though you won't be blogging/posting drawings during your trip, I'd say you will do a good job of staying interactive (much better than I've been able to do when I travel, I'm afraid.) Enjoy's an artist's dream!


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