Tuesday, May 15, 2007

UKCPS International open exhibition of coloured pencil artwork - an update

"Swan Song"
winner of the Derwent Award, UKCPS Annual Open Exhibition 2006
15.5" x 7", coloured pencils on Fabriano Artistico HP
copyright Beverly Lewis

Further to yesterday's post, I have an update on advice about digital image submissions on CD to the UK Coloured Pencil Society's Annual International Open Exhibition 2007. Also, continuing the 'animals' theme started by yesterday's post, I now have an image by Bev Lewis, a UKCPS member and one of the prizewinners from last year's exhibition. However, just in case there is any confusion, I would like to emphasise that coloured pencil artists do portray a wide varieties of subjects other than animals! :D

Bob Ebdon, one of the founder members of UKCPS and its current webmaster, and Pat Heffer have very kindly provided some more information plus the advice provided to members and non-members wanting to submit entries on CD - and you can see this below.
  • each image is printed on to a sheet of A4 paper to send to the judges
  • most images are viewed at a standard size of A5 (that's 148mm × 210mm or 5 7/8" × 8 1/4")
  • the size of each image always depends in part on the actual size of the original. For example a miniature would normally be reproduced at exact size and not enlarged whereas large works would be presented as a larger than average image
  • there is no restriction on the size of file that an image can be sent on Compact Disc
On the CD, the artist should send a .bmp or .tiff file, preferably not a .jpeg as this would be a condensed version of the original.

Please send PC compatible files, not Mac.

The file on the CD could be from either a photo, or a scan of the original. If a digital photo is used, set the camera to the highest resolution you can choose. If a scan, anything at 300ppi or over will be acceptable. The size of the scan in pixels should be over 1000 pixels in the largest dimensions, but basically as big as you can get it - we can then print it at whatever size we want. File sizes will typically be over 20Mb on the disc.

Be aware that the file on the disc should represent as accurately as possible the original picture, and should not have been excessively manipulated in Photoshop or whatever. Tweaks to make the match better to the original are acceptable - mass colour/contrast changes are not (Bob Ebdon - UKCPS advice on submission of files on Compact Discs).
I'd suggest that people try printing before submitting and checking that the image on a colour print from a file is a good match for the work they have produced.

Thanks to all the UKCPS people for the information and image provided.


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  1. Thanks for the update on that, as I am thinking about entering myself, and this helps clarify a few things.


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