Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Crackskull Bob goes into print........twice

Crackskull Bob has cracked it. Wally has worked out (a) how to produce a book of his sketches of downtown Norfolk, Virginia and (b) how to get published in a column in a real print newspaper.

Many congratulations to Wally - and I'm posting this here to provide an incitement to others. It has to be incitement rather than incentive as his thoughts can verge on the anarchic at times!

I've been following Wally's sketchbook in two incarnations - in and around the various eateries in Norfolk, Virginia and thereabouts - ever since I first started blogging.

The latest version which has been around for some time now is Crackskull Bob. Wally was one of the very first people to be added to my blogroll and he has entertained me greatly ever since with his unique perspective - that's his views, not his drawings of buildings. His drawing is pretty good too and he does a mean digital life drawing class as well as excellent drawings from life of people waiting in queues and sitting at tables!

"Downtown" - the book of the blog
A little while ago he announced he'd produced "Downtown" described as 'A Downtown Norfolk sketchbook with snotty commentary'. It's available in two versions - print and on-line. I have to say, having downloaded the free on-line version for a nose around, that I'm very impressed - and that's not just because he included a reference to me and this blog!

Wally used Lulu.com, an e-book publisher which has been around for some time and isn't the latest e-business which is trying to rip you off.... It's been recommended to me by a few people now.

Wally says very little about the process he used but seems to be pleased with the output. Now go and pester him for more information about how he did it.

The sketchbook column
He's also just announced that he now has a regular sketchbook column every Sunday with The Virginian Pilot. Well he didn't exactly announce it - he waited until the comments started arriving before actually making it clear he'd finally got a column! As one of the people commenting on this new initiative put it
As a newspaper guy, I can tell you that having this much space devoted to one, incredibly talented guy, is a BIG deal. Papers give up space like I give up my covers on a cold night. chuckrose1
Now if you'd like to congratulate Wally and generally pay homage at his feet.
Incidentally, for those of you who have yet to start blogging and/or have got fed up with your current set-up, check out the software for Wally's blog. Everytime Blogger starts misbehaving I go and take a long hard look at Squarespace. It usually works and Blogger starts behaving again. Got to keep these blogging software monsters on their toes! ;D

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  1. Nice presentation and I am glad to see Bob's work. What a great focus to unify one's work.
    I am also evaluating Blurb.com for self publishing. Looks like Lulu is bigger, and does offer (although not enough) more sizes than Blurb.
    What to do?

  2. Sorry to double-post.
    A very quick look at Blurb versus Lulu self publishing shows a nice variety of sizes and bindings available at Blurb, which is particularly good if you want a hardbound book with a proper dust cover.
    If I am reading the Lulu matrix correctly, you may not have a hardcover book in anything bigger than @ 8" x 11". And, a dust cover is not available.
    Price is quite a bit less for Lulu products, though. And, if you want a proofreader or other services, it looks as if they're available at a cost.
    It looks to me as though a good researcher would actually buy an example book from each company, and start from there. Sounds as if I am volunteering!


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