Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Apologies to anybody who subscribes through Feedblitz and didn't get any e-mails for 3 days (re posts on Saturday, Sunday and Monday) only to find that all the posts then arrived in one!

I don't know quite what happened and I'm not sure that the people at Feedblitz do either. However it looks like about half the Feedblitz subscribers didn't get their e-mails - including me.

I subscribe myself as a way of checking whether feeds are working properly and what the e-mails that people get actually look like. Having said that, I'm disappointed to report that it still took me 3 days to realise I hadn't had an e-mail! Well they do come early morning and that's my excuse.

Also, since the problems with my feeds being scraped I've had to reduce my feed to the short version. I hope you don't mind about this. Clicking the link takes you to the blog and the full version of the blog post. I was also using the e-mail as a way of archiving the blog posts separate from the blog itself - however short feeds don't really work for this purpose. I hope to be able to get back to full feeds again in the future.

I think (fingers crossed) that we are now back to normal again. Any time you think you may be having problems, do let me know (see contact details) and I'll investigate it.

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