Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Pastel Journal's new blog

Tanah Lot, Bali
19.5" x 24.5", pastel on Rembrandt pastel card
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I'm sure all pastel artists will be interested to know that The Pastel Journal now has its very own blog - you can find it at It has kicked off with an introduction to key personnel on the journal and coverage of the 7th Annual Convention of the International Association of Pastel Societies convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico which took place this last weekend May 11-13.

I don't normally list or alert people to blogs which are under three months old as the die-off rate in those first 3 months is still horrendous. However I guess we can expect that journalists used to filling a journal with good copy and producing to a deadline won't have any difficulties finding things to post about! ;)

In this post, I'm going to draw to the Pastel Journal's attention some of the blogs of people who use pastels who've been blogging for some time. Maybe they'd like to start a blogroll on their blog for people who blog about pastels?

Pastel artists who blog - and whose blogs are highlighted and described on my squidoo lens Pastels - resources for artists (because they blog regularly and about pastels and have done so for a long time) include:
  • Michael Chesley Johnson - A Plein Air Painter's Blog - insights into painting from life - in pastels and oils
  • Susan Borgas in Southern Australia - Arts and Stuff - talking about her pastel art and everything associated with it
  • Casey Klahn in Washington State - The Colorist - a newsletter for the patrons of colorist art without the artspeak (he can be good fun too!)
  • Karen Margulis - Painting My World - original daily pastel paintings (she's now been doing them for over a year)
  • Mike Beeman - Daily Pastel Painting - a visual art journal (includes pastels as well as other media)
  • BAM (Bruce Andrew MacKay - Bigcatheads - life as an artist who paints cats in charcoal and pastels
I've also recently come across Noah Klocek who is a sketch artist for Pixar who is also currently pushing his plein air pastel landscapes - he's got an interesting style.

If you are an artist who blogs mainly about art and you use pastels a lot, feel free to list your blog in the comments. I'm only publishing those who do - and anybody else who keeps their comments on topic.

There`are a number of other publications and journals which also have a blog and a number of these which regularly provide good content are featured in my art journals section near the bottom of the blogroll in the right hand column.

[Apologies to those who may get two posts or saw the earlier version - there's been a hiccup with the publication]

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  1. Maybe they'd like to start a blogroll on their blog for people who blog about pastels?

    This is something I have been thinking about for some time. My main concern was ending up with this long column down the side of my blog. Because of that reason alone I would need to be very choosy about who I listed without offending anyone.

    Perhaps a marquee widget would solve this problem or a drop down menu. Mmmmm... now my mind is starting to think very seriously about all this.

    Now this is not fair Katherine, you have truly sprouted the seed in my mind.... I should be concentrating on my studio work LOL!

  2. I found all the decent blogs I now read on the blogrolls of good quality blogs.

    What I did when I first started blogging was to explore the blogs which I saw cropping up on a lot of other people's blogs - blogs like Laurelines, Crackskull Bob (when he was in his alter ego) and Learn Daily. I found their blogrolls an enormously helpful jumping off point for finding other blogs that I liked. I hope I'm now able to do the same for others.

    I have a very simple approach to blogrolls. I don't much like either webrings or blog directories - they can be useful but at the end of the day they're just lists. To my mind the blogroll of a good blog is infinitely superior - blogs are there for a reason and they tend to reflect the likes and dislikes of the blogger

    I won't do reciprocal links - apart from anything else it's just not possible to link to every blog that asks without devaluing my input to my blogroll. So I only link with blogs I like reading on a regular basis - or even once in a while - and which have content which i think has value. I have a Blogroll Policy (in the For Your Information section) which sets out what I will and will not do and how I organise my links - which includes putting them on my squidoo lens for specific areas of art.

  3. Ah, a new resource, thanks for pointing us to it!
    Your blog, Katherine, is always source of great information, inspiration and wonderful art.

  4. I did spend a little time today on my blogroll and do appreciate your input as it is all very helpful to me.

    Gosh I only realised today that you have listed my own blog Katherine and do feel very privileged. Thank you and hope I don't let the side down.

  5. Your pastel of the sea is stunning--one of the most beautiful renditions of waves and sea and sky I've seen. I'm not a pastel artist myself (can't handle pastel dust) but really appreciate your fine pastel work.

  6. Thanka Jana. I learned a lot with this particular painting and it helped me to tackle waterscapes in other settings.


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