Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Protecting your frames

Symonds Yat - blue green and gold (£450)
coloured pencil
image 12" x 16"; frame 50cm x 60cm
ivory double mat and framed in American Oak by 'b2'
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I picked up my framed work for the Art for Youth North 2007 exhibition from my favourite framer yesterday. Brian Campbell of b2 exhibitions in Bethnal Green does an excellent job of framing for exhibitions at a very reasonable cost. If you live in London you might want to check him out. Brian believes in only using wood from sustainable resources and my work has been framed in American Oak. He's also very flexible about reusing frames, recutting mounts and doing swops for me which makes framing for exhibitions rather more economical. I'm pleased with the American Oak frame. I've been noticing in exhibitions recently that frames seem to be plainer and plainer.

A tip for you! Brian always cling films the framed picture so that the frame edges are covered when they are stacked. This provides good protection and helps to prevents marks being made on the frame during the stacking process. It also means I can avoid using cardboard corner protectors which (a) add to the space required and (b) results in exhibitors normally asking for them to be removed prior to stacking if space is limited!

I've got a new page on my website which shows you all the work going to the exhibition. I hope you like the new slideshow function - it's the first time I've used it and I'm quite pleased with it. Let me know if you think the layout needs changing - I wasn't quite sure about having two going at the same time so I've got the framed work on automatic and the portfolio work is user prompted!

All work is for sale and instead of having a gallery deduct commission, the charity UK Youth gets it instead. If anybody is interested in buying any work you can reserve a work prior to the exhibition by contacting the exhibition organiser Claire Cadogan on 01845 577 238 or e-mailing her - The work will be 'for sale' during the course of the exhibition until such point as payment has been received. Please read the notes on the website for all other details.

Now if I get a few spare minutes this afternoon I'll set up the blog post for tomorrow morning which will show you all the work going to the exhibition. After that there will probably be a gap or intermittent posts only for just over a week as I go up north tomorrow (to James Herriot country) to deliver work to the exhibition and attend various events. I'll probably be getting a bit of sketching done while in North Yorkshire as well and Gayle is coming across to the exhibition for the Artist's night on Tuesday next week.

"He who must not be bored while I sketch" is soooooooo pleased that he gets to stay home as I've decided to pay my mother a visit and consequently he doesn't have to do two long trips on successive days! ;).

  • b2 exhibitions, 5 Peary Place, London E2 0QW Tel. No. 020 8983 1109
  • UK Youth: the leading national youth work charity supporting over 750,000 young people, helping them to raise their aspirations, realise their potential and have their achievements recognised via non-formal, accredited education programmes and activities.
  • Art for Youth North 2007 (17th-19th April) - details, events, directions and contacts.
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