Friday, April 27, 2007

"One Mile from Home" finishes today!

The One Mile From Home Challenge
Walk a minimum of one mile from home. Record where you’ve been with a drawing, sculpture, photo or painting and then walk back. Every day for a year.
Today's the day. Walk three hundred and sixty five. For all of you who have been following Julie Oakley on her year long endeavour to walk "One Mile From Home" each day and sketch please note that today is the final day and the last walk - as Julie is moving on to a new project although not giving up on walks completely. At the time of writing Julie has not yet posted - but I'll be keeping an eye out for that final post. [Update - and here it is - complete with a painting of her home - plus an addendum]

Julie was was the winner, December 2006, of the "Get off your Blogging Bottom and Sketch Brass Plate" and has:
  • lost a stone and half in the last year of daily walking and sketching
  • refined her approach to 'what to take to sketch', and
  • acquired the perfect plein air accessory - the fishing waistcoat with lots of pockets for pens and pencils etc.
She's now planning a book which will record her endeavour much in the same way that Christopher Lambert did with 'Taking a line for a Walk'.

Kudos also to all the people who joined Julie in her endeavour, especially Alison and her bike of 5K Radius whose blog has given me a whole new insight into Canberra where my sis lives. Alison finishes her year on Tuesday - well done Alison!

Penny in South Australia (of With my boots and sketchbook ) still has two months to do and Hashi (of Hashiworks) in Los Angeles has committed to doing the year long walk and sketch routine over the next year - so good luck to her! I'm sure they'd love to have others along for the stroll if anybody is interested.

I miss the maps on Julie's blog - and I've included at the top of this post the very first map on Day 3 of One Mile from Home. I now feel as I know all the countryside around Julie's home of Sandridge. I feel like I should be driving up to Hertfordshire to cheer Julie over the winning line! I hope somebody's organised a suitable reward for all that commitment and diligence - in fair and foul weather - she deserves it!

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