Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Legion Paper acquires Rising and Stonehenge Brands

Below you will find the Press Release issued by Legion Paper concerning its future exclusive supply of the Rising and Stonehenge Brands. I'm quoting it in full below so that people can be very clear what the company is saying.
Legion Paper acquires Rising and Stonehenge Brands
Legion becomes the worldwide exclusive supplier.

Legion Paper, the leading supplier of fine art paper in North America, acquired the Rising and Stonehenge brands upon Neenah Paper’s announcement of the Rising Mill closure. Legion Paper will continue to supply the papers to the exact specifications to the worldwide community.

“No other company is more suited to develop and distribute Rising Art Papers and Boards,” said Michael Ginsburg, president of Legion Paper. “We created these papers with the mill over 30 years ago and have been actively involved in the manufacturing and new product development as their exclusive distributor.”

Rising Museum Board remains the premiere brand and has set the standard as the preferred choice used by museums, galleries and framers worldwide. Rising Art Papers exceed the stringent standards imposed by the Library of Congress. Stonehenge is considered the finest of art papers among artists of all genres. Known for its versatility and affordability, Stonehenge has crossed all art boundaries to become the favored sheet for colored pencil, graphite, printing, lithography and much more.

“Legion Paper’s active development of these products means that Legion will be able to continue manufacturing the Rising and Stonehenge products to the exact specifications in the future,” added Ginsburg. “Legion Paper is a very proactive company and this acquisition further illustrates the importance and commitment we have made to our customers. We will continue supplying these very important papers with no disruption.”

Legion Paper further intends to bring the Rising and Stonehenge papers to a worldwide market. As this transition takes place, Legion Paper has acquired sufficient inventory of both Rising Museum Board and Stonehenge papers to meet demand.

New York, NY (April 23, 2007)

About Legion Paper
Legion Paper is the largest distributor of Fine Art, Museum Mounting Board, Decorative and Digital Art Papers in North America, stocking over 3500 papers from over 50 mills worldwide. We work closely with our suppliers to develop unique products and have assembled the finest collection of papers ever offered by one company. Legion remains steadfast in its commitment to customer service and the ability to stock our full range in both our East & West Coast warehouses.
My thanks are due to Marc Schotland, Director of Marketing for Legion Paper for moving quickly to dispel any doubts about the future supply of products associated with these two important brands.

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Katherine Plumer said...

I just wanted to say a big thank you for posting this information. I was literally on the verge of hitting the "pay" button to stockpile a LOT of Stonehenge paper when for some reason I decided to google it one more time and see if there was any more info out there, and lo and behold there was your blog. Yay, this is wonderful news, thanks for sharing it! :-)

Making A Mark said...

Glad to be of assistance!

I can well understand the desire to stockpile - I've done it myself in the past albeit for products which did eventually disappear! It's good to have it confirmed that this definitely won't be the case in relation to these two products.

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