Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Rill Garden at Wollerton Old Hall Garden in Shropshire

The Rill Garden, Wollerton Old Hall
11.5" x 17", pencil and coloured pencils
(double page in Daler Rowney A4 sketchbook)
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

This sketch is of the Rill Garden at Wollerton Old Hall Garden in Shropshire - a partner garden of the Royal Horticultural Society.

Wollerton Old Hall Garden is a real find. For me it's the nearest equivalent to Sissinghurst that I've ever come across in the north of England - and my mother and I are veteran garden visitors. Lots of small garden rooms - each with its own very distinctive personality. This is a link to the Wollerton Old Hall Garden website
Wollerton Old Hall Garden is a four acre plantsman's garden developed around a 16th Century house (not open) in rural Shropshire, England. Strong formal design has created many separate gardens each with its own character. It features intensive cultivation of perennials using planting combinations with an emphasis on colour and form, as well as many rare and unusual plants.
The longer post on 'Travels with a Sketchbook......" has some photos and more comments about both sketch and the garden.

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Robyn Sinclair said...

I love the depth and variety of foliage colour in this one, Katherine. Beautiful.

Making A Mark said...

Thanks Robyn. I have to say I'm really rather pleased with the depth on this one and looking forward to working it up.

I've taken the opportunity to comment at more length about the technical aspects of what I did to achieve this - in both the text of the longer post on the other blog and the comments following on.

Cin said...

a stunning sketch Katherine, the variety and brilliance of those greens! I looking forward to seeing it worked up as a finished piece.

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