Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sutton Bank and "the finest view in Yorkshire"

The view from Sutton Bank
11.5" x 17", pencil and coloured pencil, double page spread in Daler Rowney A4 sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
"The finest view in Yorkshire" ('James Heriott')
This is the view from Sutton Bank which is a very steep escarpment separating the North York Moors from the Vale of York and the Vale of Mowbray which you can see in this sketch. The Pennines can be seen some 40 miles away in the very far distance. I had a lovely sunny day to do the sketch but the seat on which I sat to draw Hood Hill (or "one tree hill") and the vales was so exposed and 'breezy' that I was really glad I'd taken a layered approach to dressing for plein air sketching - all five of them! This sketch was a bit of challenge in terms of how many greens in the landscape and aerial perspective blues I could get with the coloured pencils I had with me.

Now if you'd like to hear more about the hill which kills caravans and HGVs which lies just below this, the lake with the odd name, the chalk horse, the iron age fort, North Yorks Moor, my car calamities and what James Herriott/Alf Wight has to do with all this - and how I found out about this particular view, you need to go and read the longer post on my other blog!

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Lorna said...

Think there is something wrong with the "longer post" link as it keeps causing Safari to crash. The link in the side bar works fine.

Making A Mark said...

Thank you so much for the message Lorna - most helpful!

I've deleted the text associated with the links at the end of the main text and in the links section and then restated the text and redid the links. Hopefully everything is working fine now.

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