Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hugh on "How to be creative"

I've got Hugh McLeod's (of Gapingvoid.com) blog widget on my blog so that I get a generally entertaining cartoon on the back of a business card to look at without even visiting his blog (which I also subscribe to).

The above turned up today today - and I couldn't resist seeing which post it came from. Which is how I came to revisit an old post of his called "How to be creative". Do check out the text as well - I gather it was a lot of people's s favourite blog post for a while back in 2004 and it's certainly a recommended read by me - I read it ages ago when I first found his blog and his comments about stamina were certainly in the back of my mind when I wrote my 'stickability' post (which continues to be one of the top 5 most read posts on this blog!)

Bear in mind this is the man and the blog that has just turned the wine-buying market in the UK upside down with a single blog post and got one of his cartoons featured on the BBC news as a result! Read his blog to see why...........

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