Sunday, December 24, 2006

Festive Greetings

Last week I drew my mother's Christmas wreath in coloured pencil in my sketchbook while she was out at a committee meeting. Aged 78, her various committees and panels keep her very busy - I'm trying to persuade her to cut it down to under 15 hours a week but I'm currently on the losing side!

She got back and announced I'd drawn last year's wreath and that she had still to finish re-decorating it for this year!!! I told her it was fine and would be totally over the top if she tried to get any more on it. I gathered from her reply that that's the way she likes it! So on your left you can see my sketch of my mother's unfinished Christmas wreath complete with gauzy sparkly ribbon with stars!

I've got a lot of cooking coming up in the next day or so and then my aim is to have my nose stuck into my Christmas present to myself . My new book about John Singer Sargent's watercolours has just arrived as has another one about his portrait drawings......I'm looking forward to being somewhat preoccupied for the next day or so!

My very best wishes to you and yours at this festive season in whichever way you choose to celebrate.


  1. Prettige Kerstdagen! (Merry Christmas!) Katherine, Cosmo & Poly.

    From the Dutch "moggies" and me!
    We love the word "moggy" and since were Dutch, we're often "soggy moggies". *wink*

    Your mother's wreath (and your drawing) looks very festive - love the pomanders. :o)

    Finn, Sacha & Judy

  2. This is SUCH a lovely drawing, Katherine--- the wreath, with its wispy lines and its bouquet of colors is a perfect vehicle for your colored pencil drawing style. Merry Christmas to you.

  3. Lovely festive sketch, Katherine and what a sweet tribute to and celebration of your mother.
    Merry Christmas and many thanks for the great sketching thread you ran for us on WetCanvas this year and the constant stimulation of your Blog. ciao Robyn

  4. What a heart-warming sketch. Merry Christmas!


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