Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Mother of all Art History sites

Occasionally, you stumble across a link and think "That's looks interesting - must bookmark that and go back for another look later". That's what happened to me when I came across The Mother of All Art and Art History Links Page - not least because its authors have the nerve to use that name!

It provides an extensive set of links to all manner of sites connected to art history and the visual arts. It's fairly well organised if unsophisticated with a menu on the first page and then menus at the top of each page after that. A lot of the links have a decent narrative explaining what the link is about and what sort of resource it has to offer.

For some reason the images item on the menu does not work and you need to copy and input the following html address into your browser to access the links to online collections of images.

It displays a better knowledge of what is available within the USA. The coverage of sites with USA origins is much better than those located outside the USA - which is maybe not unsurprising given that this site is hosted on the website of the University of Michigan School of Art and Design.

For those of you who like art history:
  • either go and get a steaming hot mug of your favourite hot drink and the cookie jar and settle in for a long browse
  • or avoid starting to look at it just before you need to be doing something else!
[Update: thanks to Susan Borgas for correcting the link to images which has now been updated above.]
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  1. G'day Katherine. I have bookmarked it for a look later on as I am taking your advice and avoiding looking or I won't get any work done this morning.

    Building my own website I did work out the address for the images. The address should look like this .

    I have made the same mistake myself and is easy enough to make.

    Hope that hand of yours is much better?

  2. I thought I had that link correct - thanks for correcting it Susan

    And thanks to whoever it was who told me about this site originally (if you did) - I cannot for the life of me remember whether I stumbled upon it or somebody gave me the link.

    The hand id a lot better - but essentially it's got to the 'comes and goes / do not overuse' stage.


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