Saturday, December 02, 2006

Drawing a Head: 30th November 2006

This is the drawing I did on Thursday evening in the last class of term. I had to go home early as I have a bad case of raging tenosynovitis in my drawing hand and arm at the moment and found it difficult to draw.

I'm afraid I may have made it worse with all the keyboard pounding yesterday so the follow-on blog post from yesterday will probably be next week and I probably won't be posting tomorrow or commenting much on other people's blogs. I've found in the past that the only cure for this is to avoid vibration, get my hand splint out and take the drugs!

This was a chap with a far eastern heritage. He had very small, delicate ears and grey/white hair in a very long ponytail. I found it enormously difficult to avoid including the fold we get in western eyes.

I used a carbon pencil for the darks in this - very nice!

For anybody in the London/Home Counties area who can get to Hoxton/Shoreditch easily (which basically means Liverpool Street Station plus a walk or a bus which goes near Old Street/Kingsland Road/Great Eastern Street - see Google Maps link below), the Princes Drawing School has a programme of drawing classes over the Christmas break which you can find on their site listed below.

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Anonymous said...

Hope your hand gets better, Katherine!

Robyn Sinclair said...

Sorry to hear your arm is playing up again. Do you think it was all the CP work that caused that? So unfair. At least you know what you need to do for it. Get better soon. I really like this sketch of the Asian guy, the carbon pencil gives wonderful darks. He must be quite striking with that lovely bone structure and the long silver hair. ciao robyn

Cin said...

very disappointing to have to leave early I'm sure, hope the pain retreats quickly, get better soon!

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