Friday, December 08, 2006

David Hockney: Fifteen Sketchbooks 2002-2003 - Update on DVD availability

This is for all those people who keep contacting me to ask me how they can get hold of the DVD "David Hockney - Fifteen Sketchbooks 2002-2003".

Apparently the National Portrait Gallery shop in London is now telling people who ask for it that they have sold out of the sketchbook DVD. I first had a report of this about a month ago - just after I visited the exhibition and am now getting more people saying the same thing. This is in addition to the same statement being made earlier by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art which showed the exhibition first. (Note for Hockney fans - a new link here and below) It is not listed on the David Hockney website although that does link to books about him.

I recommend using the contact form on the Hockney website ( ) to contact the webmaster and ask for further information about how the DVD can be obtained. I've already used it to feedback about the number of people asking for the DVD and requesting that they put something on the website saying how to get hold of it.

My suspicion is that this DVD initiative was maybe something of a pilot and not enough have been pressed. If you want them to produce some more you need to say so!

Update 8th October 2007: for all those seeking to purchase the David Hockney Sketchbooks as a DVD

Another quick update for any Hockney fans out there about the David Hockney Sketchbook DVD "Fifteen Sketchbooks 2002-2003" and how to purchase it.

I recently had an e-mail from Erik Arnesen (writing on behalf of the DavidHockney Studio/Website and Online Shop) as follows - with updated information about how to get hold of the David Hockney Sketchbooks as a DVD. I'm reproducing it in full below as it provides all the information you need.
In checking google for our website status in certain search fields, I came upon your blog page link dated 8 Dec 06 re: the 15 Sketchbooks.

Since your post we have added a link to the site that allows direct ordering of the DVD. The main site link is: will take you to the site and you will see the "shop" button - it is an online transaction link which can be found directly at:

I am glad I found your blog page and perhaps you can forward the info that the DVD's are available from the Hockney site - we did press sufficient numbers. Thanks for the alert on the NPG and LACMA - we'll contact them as well...

All the best,
for the DavidHockney Studio/Website and Online Shop
Erik Arnesen
I've also added a link to the shop below.

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