Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fine Line Artists - Small Works Holiday Show opens in Keene, New Hampshire

The Small Works Holiday Show by the Fine Line Artists Group has opened in Brewbakers in Keene, New Hampshire and runs for the whole of December.

As many of you will know, I'm a founder member of the Fine Line Artists Group comprising Nicole Caulfield, Maggie Stiefvater, Katherine Ellis, Gayle Mason, Gordon Leverton, Wendy Prior and Louise Sackett. Or as our press release now puts it "a group of eight artists who live on three different continents (USA, Europe and Australasia) and in four different countries (USA, Canada, England and New Zealand)".

One of the key reasons for forming the group was to pursue activities which would help to promote our art. One of our goals is to try and hold an exhibition in the home town of each member.

This show is our first as a group and we are all indebted to Nicole Caulfield for framing the artwork and hosting and hanging this first show in the spiritual home of a number of Caulfield originals - Brewbakers in Keene, New Hampshire. She also gets to do the press interviews!

We now have an on-line version of the exhibition on our website for those unable to travel to Keene. So if you'd like to see what we're exhibiting (and selling) please visit the on-line show. We'll be keeping this updated as the show progresses.

If anybody reading this and viewing the on-line exhibition can't get to the show but thinks they might want to buy one of the pieces (maybe as a holiday gift?) you can:
  • click the thumbnail to see a larger image.
  • contact Nicole Caulfield who is co-ordinating sales and despatch (details of how to contact Nicole are on the exhibition webpage)

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