Thursday, November 16, 2006

Belinda del Pesco shows "how to produce a collograph"

Original 7 x 10 inch Collograph & Watercolor
copyright Belinda Del Pesco

One of the things I love about blog-surfing is that I get to see all these wonderful techniques that other people use to produce their art. Yesterday I was getting into hand pulled collograph prints!

I noticed that Belinda de Pesco had posted a collograph and watercolour piece on her blog and had a quiet moan to her about the fact I couldn't see it and the process for producing the collograph print which Belinda had obviously set out in her blog post (I've been having all sorts of problems seeing images of late which has cut right back on commenting as you can imagine! For more on this see previous post). Belinda wrote back to me and told me to visit her e-bay site where she had also explained how to produce a collograph.

I do recommend you go and take a look at her blog and Belinda's excellent demonstration of the process for producing a handpulled collograph print as a base for a watercolour - it really makes me want to have a go. Belinda says she can see great potential in my pears! I think all we need to do now is persuade Belinda to get a permanent version of this demo on to her website!

If you take a look at the demo on the e-bay site the images are larger and you also get the opportunity to admire Lucy and give her a virtual stroke!

I also love Belinda's luscious juicy watercolours - which you can see on her website - especially the ones she does of shiny tiles and fruit and flowers on her kitchen counter top.

Do check out her website and her watercolours as well. She's one of a small number of watercolour artists who really make me want to get out my watercolours again and have another go. I know if I could just make myself get more pigment into the wash maybe I could get a little way along the long path towards the point of expertise that Belinda has already reached.

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bdelpesco said...

Katherine, Thanks so much for the compliments and the front¢er stage! I really do hope you try one of these collographs; they are full of surprises in a lovely way, and they're great fun to make. Coat a piece of matboard front & back with gloss medium varnish, and use the same to adhere colorful construction paper in layers. Search the net for collograph and collagraph for lots of tips and variations on method!

Katherine said...

Thanks Belinda - and thanks for the extra tips

Don't worry - when the current major project which is currently keeping me from art production - is out of the way I'm going to start looking in more detail at collographs!

Nicole Caulfield said...

Belinda That looks like so much fun! Thanks for writing that up for all to see and for Katheirne for finding you!


Peter Yesis said...

Thanks for high-lighting Belinda's work. Print artists are too few and far between and when you find one with Belinda's talent and creative spark stand back, watch and learn. Her watercolors just sing..

MrsSnowy said...

I've spent a happy hour and a half discovering Belinda's wonderful work. Thank you.