Saturday, November 18, 2006

The next International sketchcrawl is on........

St Paul's Cathedral and Southwark Bridge
11.75" x 16.5", pencil and coloured pencil in Daler black hardback sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

....... Saturday December 9th.

You can find details here:
But what is a "SketchCrawl"?
In short, roughly every 3 months we put a call out to people around the world to join in, put pen to paper on a given day for as long as they can (be it 20 minutes or 8 hours) drawing, sketching, journaling about their day and what's around them. For a day, slow down, look around you, see ... and draw or write. Record your day. No specific level of skill is expected ! Anyone is welcome.

How to participate.
We set up a forum where to seek and organize meetings with artists from your area. You can participate in SketchCrawl on your own or with a group of friends. I usually meet groups of artists in San Francisco, where I live. The forums and the Flickr SketchCrawl group also serve as gathering and sharing place after the drawing marathon day. The idea behind this is to get the great feeling of drawing with and at the same time as peoples from all walks of life and from all corners of the world; and ultimately by sharing the day's sketches and photos on Flickr and the SketchCrawl forums, to see places and details from corners of the world we might not see at all in our life time !

The history of it.
We put out a call for the first World Wide SketchCrawl on November 21st 2004, we've done 11 drawing marathons since and people from all over the world have joined in and shared their drawings.
  • in the forum for the 12th international Sketchcrawl - which lists threads for different cities. Check to make sure your locations is not covered before starting a new one.I shall be trying to get out and about in London on the day itself - probably somewhere where I can get inside and get warm easily as I doubt very much that the weather will be as warm as it was last time. ;).
This is the Forum thread for the London sketchcrawl. Remember you don't have to join a group to do the sketchcrawl but if you want to be with a group, then the forum is the place to find people to be with.

You can see what I did on the last sketchcrawl here in "10th International Sketchcrawl - the results". The sketch at the top of the page was the last one I did on that very hot day.


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