Friday, November 10, 2006

Drawing Heads - 9 November 2006

Drawing Heads #10
16" x 23" mechanical pencil on Daler Rowney heavy white cartridge paper
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Back to normal - and back to my normal weekly Drawing Class last night. What with all the travelling and the exhibitions and then the travelling again I completely forgot to register for my drawing class and had to wait to start until later in the term.

So - for all those unfamiliar with my drawing class - I attend a drawing class at the Princes Drawing School in Shoreditch once a week. It's called "Drawing the Head" and the tutor is James Lloyd. I've got and hour and three quarters of model time - and, if I also use the break time for the background, I've also got between 30-45 minutes for additional drawing.

I use an A2 pad of heavy white cartridge paper by Daler Rowney and draw with a Pentel mechanical pencil. The class always has two models and I nearly always draw both - and the studio and the other students etc........

I'm quite pleased with last night's effort although I must confess I prefer it when I can get them looking past one another rather than literally back to back.

You can see more of my Drawing Heads series on my website

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Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

What a nice opportunity for you. I really need to get some friends together and hire a live model. I love how in some of the drawings, you have included the other artists drawing. I think that is more interesting than the actual 'models!' The models are all sitting rather stiffly, as if (and they do) know they are being you might as well include the class backgrounds as you have done. You made the right call on that and I really like all the drawings. It's hard to beat a drawing from life.