Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Lunch in the new V&A Cafe

The new V&A cafe 20.11.06. 2pm
pen and sepia ink in Daler Rownet A4 black hardback sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

The newly refurbished V&A cafe is now open and is being enjoyed by an awful lot of people. I'm currently doing a two day workshop at the V&A on painting with egg tempera there (see tomorrow's blog post) and tried it out for the first time at lunchtime yesterday.

It's very interesting combination of styles - sort of Carluccio's meets William Morris.
The Café is located in the V&A's original refreshment rooms, the Morris, Gamble and Pointer Rooms. These three rooms formed the first museum restaurant in the world and were intended as a showpiece of modern design, craftsmanship and manufacturing.
Here's a pen and ink sketch of four ladies having lunch that I did in 15 minutes while eating salami, mozzarella and rocket on foccacia. The window behind their heads looks out on to the John Madejski Garden at the centre of the museum buildings.

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  1. And only 15 minutes. Very nice. But what is rocket? Jeanne

  2. Hi Jeanne - rocket is a salad leaf which I think you may call arugula - see

  3. Oh wow - I love this sketch. Absolutley lovely - enough detail to leave the imagination to fill in the gaps. This is the table I would like to sit next to - just to listen into the conversation. Great hatching!

  4. Thanks Andrea - your sketches are very nice too!


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