Thursday, November 16, 2006

Problems seeing images?

I've been having all sorts of problems of late seeing images on other people's Blogger blogs - which has really cut down on my comments as you can imagine. Initially, I thought it was something to do with the problems a lot of people were having as people changed over to Blogger Beta (I've not had the 'call' as yet!). Or maybe it was to do with technical problems on the sites where they hosted their images - which seemed much less likely as other people could obviously see images!

Yesterday I think I finally cracked what the problem is. I subscribe to the blogs I visit using Bloglines (I subscribe to more than I have in the blogroll - as I 'try them out' before blogrolling). What I realised was I couldn't see images if I accessed via Bloglines but could if I accessed them from another site - but not every site. Which meant it was probably a 'feed' issue.

I THINK that the problem is a change of feeds in Blogger. What I'm now doing each time I encounter this problem is unsubscribing from the original feed and then resubscribing to a new feed - hopefully one which works! It seems to be working - fingers crossed!

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Freiluftmaler said...

I am about to leave blogger because the image upload to blogs not hosted on blogger is abolutely not working as it should. I have not changed to the new version and will not do so as it can damage files on external blogs.
I`ll probably will switch to a simple desktop programm like "thingamablog".
all the best

Ujwala said...

hi, you might want to export the feeds from bloglines and import them into google reader. you could always go back to bloglines once things get sorted out.
I've permanently switched from bloglines to google reader. hope this helps.