Saturday, November 04, 2006

Resources for artists - my new squidoo groups

Judging by the comments I've received since starting my squidoo lenses, artists really value having access to sites that contain well-organised hyperlinks to relevant information for artists, especially where each link has an accurate explanation of the content associated with it.

I'd like to start to start by saying a big "Thanks" to all those people who have said very nice things about the squidoo lenses I've already created - and then tell you about new developments on this front.

If you liked my existing squidoo lenses then you'll probably be interested in the new squidoo group I've created called Resources for Artists. This is a compendium of squidoo lenses which provide both useful and well organised links to a specific aspect of art likely to be of interest to artists.

I originally started the group so that I would have all my existing lenses (which already had the "Resources for Artists" tag in their title) in one place and hence one icon for my Firefox toolbar, one link for the blog etc. This group has been created and is called "Making A Mark - my personal squidoo group"

Having ticked that box, it then occurred to me to explore a bit to see if other people had done the same thing as me in terms of developing squidoo lenses which are mainly about providing resource links for artists. Guess what - they had! I discovered a few lens by Jan Blencowe, Karen Margulis and Susan Borgas which seemed very similar and which also looked very useful so included them. Then started to look further afield and found some more.......and included them. So this particular squidoo group was expanded to include both new categories (eg plein air and art cards) and lenses developed by other lensmasters.

The purpose of the Resources for Artists Group is as follows
This group focuses on resource links for artists - it's not about promoting the artwork of individual artists. To be included the majority of content in a lens should provide useful information for other artists.

There are three main groups of lens:
(1) The Art Business
(2) Your approach to art - media related lenses
(3) Your art product - lenses devoted to popular formats for marketing artwork
My main criteria for adding in any new lens to this group is that the majority (80-90%) of the lens is devoted to information and the links are explained. Lenses which are purely or mainly about promoting an individual artist or just link lists will not be added. I guess I may need more criteria as the squidoo group progresses but that seems all that is needed for now.

Please feel free to link to this group if you think you will find it useful. There are also links to both groups in the right hand column of this blog.

If you know of a lens which might be suitable why don't you suggest it - either in the group or in the comments below?

And if you can think of category which should be added please suggest that also - and I'll search for suitable lenses. However I would add that there seems to be gaping hole around oil painting........which I certainly can't fill!

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