Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Celebrity Portrait Artist of the Year 2019

I watched Celebrity Portrait Artist of the Year 2019 at Battersea Arts Centre in person back in April.

Last night I watched it again on Sky Arts via my Now TV stick - after being reminded by my other half that it was on. I think he was trying to spot whether he appeared as well as he came with me and stayed for about an hour before deciding he has "other things to do"!

I stayed to the end so knew who won in advance. Actually I knew who was going to win from just after lunch but there you go....

The portraits of celebrities produced by celebrity artists

However but it was good watching again to see whether I arrived at the same conclusion with what I saw on the television

You can see an album of my photos from watching it "for real" on my Facebook Page.  This includes their self portrait submissions.  The photographs also give you yet more insight into the conditions in which the artists paint.
Making A Mark added 54 new photos to the album Celebrity Portrait Artist of the Year 2019
PS I am visible in the background at one point! As always I tend to avoid the cameras....

The Celebrity Artists and sitters

These were

Watching via Sky Arts and Now TV

You can watch the programme on demand via Sky Arts or Now TV

I have the latter - see

I expect it might very well turn up on Channel 4 at some point.

I gather episodes of the various Artist of the Year shows periodically turn up on YouTube before being spotted by Sky and removed!

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