Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Festive Greetings

Greetings to all my regular readers of Making A Mark
With my very best wishes for a 
Happy and Peaceful Festive Season

......and maybe a bit of art on the side?

Thirteen years ago I did my first Christmas Greetings blog post on Making A Mark - and I'm resurrecting the image as I was rather impressed by it when I looked back at it.

my 2006 coloured pencil sketch of my mother's unfinished Christmas wreath
complete with gauzy sparkly ribbon with stars!

This is what I wrote back in December 2006. For those who question "how do you do all this?", Mother is still going age 91 - but has slowed down just a tad!
Last week I drew my mother's Christmas wreath in coloured pencil in my sketchbook while she was out at a committee meeting. Aged 78, her various committees and panels keep her very busy - I'm trying to persuade her to cut it down to under 15 hours a week but I'm currently on the losing side!

She got back and announced I'd drawn last year's wreath and that she had still to finish re-decorating it for this year!!! I told her it was fine and would be totally over the top if she tried to get any more on it. I gathered from her reply that that's the way she likes it! 

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