Saturday, December 07, 2019

Oil Residency in London

How do you fancy being the artist in residence at Winsor & Newton? 

Last week I discovered an Oil Residency in London is being offered in London in 2020 by Winsor & Newton.

It was launched on Thursday at the Winsor & Newton "Discover Oil Colour" event at the annual exhibition of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters at the Mall Galleries.

The thing is I can't find any reference to this specific Residency Online online (although it does appear that W&N have previously offered a residency. It's not on

  • EITHER the Winsor & Newton website for the UK
  • OR the Royal Institute of Oil Painters website 
So I've decided to print off my rather crumpled, folded launch guide that I was given and give you the email address for further enquiries.

Key Features


  • Sole use of a 34 square metre studio "at Winsor & Newton". I assume this means their registered office and trading address at The Studio Building, 21 Evesham Street, London W11 4AJ although this is not clear.
  • Art Materials will be provided for the period of the residency
  • Professional mentoring by ROI members and W&N staff
  • Open Studio event at the end of the residency
  • Local accommodation provided if winner lives outside London +  weekly £100 living allowance


  • Residency: Start and Finish Dates - 1st June - 3rd July 2020
  • DEADLINE for applications: 1st March 2000
  • Judging: Mid March 2020
  • Winner to be announced on 20th March 2020

How to enter

    • Within 5 years of graduating. Unclear whether this needs to be in art. 
    • Not stated whether eligibility is limited to UK citizens and/or current legitimate UK residents (they've forgotten to state the legal niceties re. legal right to be in and study/work in the UK that they need to comply with to avoid problems with UK Immigration)
  • ELIGIBLE ARTWORK: Nothing mentioned re. actual artwork or digital images
  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  No link for formal terms and conditions and very necessary legal niceties re personal data (eg GDPR)
  • HOW TO ENTER: Send images and a brief synopsis (Of what? Do they mean a CV? Or why you want a residency - or both?) to
[Note: Winsor & Newton is one of the brands owned by Colart]

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